Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review: Brock's Hellion by Nicole Austin

Brock's Hellion
part of the Corralled series
by: Nicole Austin
$5.95 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Contemporary Erotica / Western / Menage
Released: December 2010

Tink thought she had life figured out.  Sure, she has a crappy job, but she's in control of her life, and that's all that matters.  All that changes when she meets Brock.  He's sexy as sin, but has a way of making her torn between choking the life from him or riding him like a stallion. 

Brock's darker desires have always been held in a tenious grip, but once he meets Tink, the walls he's built come crumbling down.  She drives him crazy with her in-your-face attitude, but deep down he senses her desire to find someone she trusts enough to submit to.  Problem is, she doesn't seem ready to give him the time of day, let alone control of her body.

But one night of explosive passion between Brock, Tink, and two other sexy cowboys changes all that.  Now Brock must try and convice his wildcat just what she's missing without scaring her away. 

Does he have it in him, or will she run screaming for the hills?

This was a story about a woman who's so afraid of losing control she keeps everyone at arm's length.  Tink doesn't trust easily, and is afraid of giving anybody power over her, even if it is a hunky cowboy she falls instantly in lust with.  Brock's battling his dominant nature because he's afraid of breaking Tink's spirit.  What he doesn't realize is just how strong she really is.  There was lots of bantering between the two, although it wasn't as much as I'd hoped based on the book blurb. The story was good, but I guess I was hoping for more verbal sparring with the characters.  It was a hot, quick read, and anyone who enjoys a story with sexy cowboys should give it a try.  Oh, one thing though, read the story before this.  If you don't, then the first story will be ruined for you. 

Carla gives this book a


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