Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review: Enemy Overnight by Robin L. Rotham

Enemy Overnight
sequel to Alien Overnight
by: Robin L. Rotham
$6.99 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica / menage
Released: November 2009

After a brief run in with a group of sexy aliens on their ship, she makes it back to Earth, where she vows she'll stay.  She's got a dark secret, one that could spell her death if the aliens ever found out.  But fate is cruel, and she suddenly finds herself back aboard the Heptoral, facing down the same group of aliens she'd sworn to avoid.  And one of them has a bone to pick with her...

Shauss blames Jasmine for almost costing him his mate, and vows revenge in the most erotic way.  Panicked, she makes an attempt to escape, and fails, leaving her to his mercy.  And what better way to punish her than to not only mate with her, but have two of his fellow warriors join in the fun?

But claiming her isn't as easy as he'd hoped, since she seems determined to thwart him at every turn.  Not only that, but the two warriors he picked as bondmates are quickly becoming a thorn in his side.  One can't seem to stop puking when he's around Jasmine, while the other takes great pleasure in trying to rip his mental shields down to psychoanalyze him.  Guess he'll have to show them all just who's in the bedroom, as well as out.

This book is a little darker than the usual storyline, in that it gets a little into the D/s lifestyle, but with an emphasis on domination using sexual punishment.  There isn't any rape or anything like that, but those who are easily offended shouldn't read this book.  That being said, it was a good story, with lots of drama and action (both in and out of the bedroom).  Shauss has a very dominant personality, and it shows in his interactions with not only Jasmine, but the two other men in the bond.  There's not only m/m, but a f/f scene as well, but it doesn't overshadow the story in any way. 

Carla gives this book a


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