Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Wish by Ashlynn Monroe

by: Ashlynn Monroe
$3.99 ebook
Silver Publishing
Romantic Fantasy
Released: August 2010

Lily inherits not just any ordinary lamp but one that comes with its own handsome genie and now he must grant her three wishes.

Zavier has been trapped with this curse for centuries how wonderful it would be to have his freedom until he meets his new master Lily.

As Lily and Zavier are drawn closer together both emotionally and physically one wish gone bad could change everything for them in the end. Will love overcome the curse and lead them to a happy ending or will they be torn apart once all the wishes are used.


WISH will have you wishing for your own genie who would not want a hot, sexy man like Zavier granting her every wish. The chemistry between the characters is sweet but also steamy. Well written for a short story.

Annette gives this book


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful review. :)

  2. I want a genie now, the books sounds wonderful, I'll put it on my tbr list right away.