Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: A Wicked Wolf by Brenda Williamson

A Wicked Wolf
by: Brenda Williamson
$4.99 ebook
Red Sage Publishing
Paranormal Romance
Released: November 2010

Randi Brown is on a mission she has to land this real estate deal and will do what it takes. When she finds herself stranded and a handsome man comes to her rescue all thoughts of business have just become thoughts of pleasure.

Nicholas Wolfe has no need to sell off his land it is the only place that the Lycan can be themselves. He has never had a need for a woman in his life since the death of his wife but, when real estate agent Randi shows up he hides his identity and his past to make her his.

When Randi discovers the truth about Nick and about who and want he is can she get past the lies and follow her heart. As the heat flares between Randi and Nick there is an enemy who wants to destroy all that they have become to each.

A WICKED WOLF is a definite keeper I could not stop until I reached the end and still wanted more. Nick is a true alpha and he will fight to keep what belongs to him but yet he also shows his moments of pain with the memories of his wife. Randi is a very determined woman who has a family to take care of and will do whatever she must to make ends meet. Brenda Williamson definitely has written a strong and romantic story.

Annette gives this book

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