Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: Tipping the Balance by Rob Rosen

Tipping the Balance
by: Rob Rosen
ISBN# (couldn't find it)
$1.99 ebook
Torquere Press
Paranormal Erotica / GLBT
Released: ???

When Chris wakes up in purgatory, he finds himself confronted by an angel and a devil. It seems his soul is in limbo and it could go either way. In order to tip the balance, he has to use his God-given talent to his best ability, but the only talent he has is between the sheets. Is it possible getting it on with an angel and a demon can save him from hell and get him into heaven? And is either side ready for the likes of him? Lord only knows.

Chris doesn’t just sleep with the angel and the demon, he brings something out of both that they did not know existed within themselves. The evil and the heavenly become and know something other than they have ever known before. This story is an entertaining read that has its’ own version of “tipping the balance,” both thoughtful and sizzling. I would recommend this read to anyone.

Moriah gives this book a

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