Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: The Ghost Hunter by Lori Brighton

The Ghost Hunter
by: Lori Brighton
Free ebook
Paranormal Romance
Released: September 2010

Ashley Hunter has always been able to see and talk to ghost but due to all the doctors telling her she was crazy she no longer lets people dead or alive know about her gift. That is until she inherits her aunt’s pub in England ghosts and all. But, she has another reason for being there, to find out what happened to her father.

Cristian is on a mission to earn his way back into heaven after spending so much time as a fallen angel by sending ghosts to the other side and keeping the evil locked inside the pub where it is. His plan to rid the pub of the ghosts and to get Ashley to admit to her powers while fighting his growing attraction to her is not going to be an easy task.

When Ashley learns the truth of who Cristian is and that he has been destroying her ghost it becomes an all out war between them in the mean time the evil under the pub is getting stronger and it may not matter unless they stop it.

THE GHOST HUNTER is a wonderful story with characters that draw you into their lives even the ghosts will have you hooked. I would love to see a sequel come out I want to see what happens to my favorite ghost Devon.

Annette gives this book

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