Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Broken Together by BethAnn Buehler

Broken Together
A Rebel Canyon novel
by: BethAnn Buehler
$5.99 ebook
Wild Horse Press
Contemporary Erotica
Released: November 2010

A photojournalist who has it all decides to take on a dangerous photo shoot in a war zone with the most annoying, self-centered man on the planet; a movie star.
Bryn Baxter, daughter of a renowned military man, knows no bounds when it comes to trouble. She’s always in it knee deep but this time she suffers the consequences of her actions. Tragedy strikes leaving her lost and alone mentally as she tries to pick up the pieces, suffering from alcoholism and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

When General Duncan Baxter hires an ex-military man to bring his daughter back home and protect her from the threat of death by now deceased Lewis Jackson’s crazy fans, Beck Reynolds takes on the job for his ex boss. A Master at a fringe club where he’d seen the most alluring woman from afar, Beck finds himself face to face with non-other than Bryn and realizes he must make her submit to him and love him for life.

While Bryn battles her own issues, Beck can’t decide whether to dominate her or cherish her as she heals. The issues getting in the way are more than a possible killer.

Although the storyline was well done, the head hopping was so confusing it was hard to decide who was thinking or speaking. There were also a few issues in the tale that didn’t make sense such as two stalkers killed when Bryn is rescued when a few pages before the man left by car and the woman stayed, holding a gun over Bryn. There were two shots to kill the villain, yet we don’t know if it was Beck or Jaime shooting. With a lot of polish, this story would be great as the characters stand out in a crowd with awesome personalities.

Franny gives this book a 

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