Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Beasts of Forever by Leanore Elliott

Beasts of Forever
Beasts #1
by: Leanore Elliott
ISBN# 9781452889146
$5.99 ebook
Wild Horse Press
Paranormal Erotica
Released: 2010

Constance and Jack have been business partners for three years now.  Their relationship is simple-she gets a mental image of a woman about to be killed, and Jacks hunts down and kills the potential attacker.

Simple, right? 

It would be, if Constance hadn't secretly harbored feelings for Jack all these years.  And when he finds out, what should have started as a simple relationship spirals out of control.

Jack is not as he appears.  He harbors a dark secret, one that spans centuries, and somehow involves Constance.  As she struggles to remember the secrets and lies buried deep within her mind, she must also unlock the secrets of who she really is, if she ever hopes to have a chance with Jack.

This story has an interesting paranormal twist to it, involving a mythological race of beings I've never before encountered in a book.  I think this story has the potential to become something great, but it has a long way to go.

I had a real hard time getting through this story, and actually didn't want to finish it, which is extremely rare for me.  I would have loved to see the sentences smoothed out so they flowed better, and the characters showed inconsistencies throughout, mostly with how they portrayed emotions while speaking.  I just wasn't able to click with the characters in this story. 

Carla gives this book a


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  2. This book was entirely re-edited by two professional editors. New cover, better Pov's, flow and it is a whole new book now, re-released by a new publisher. (Beasts~The Eyes Of Constance)