Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Wolf Fever by Terry Spear

Wolf Fever
Heart of the Wolf #6
by: Terry Spear
$7.99 mass market paperback
Paranormal Romance / Shapeshifter
Released: December 2010

Carol Woods was turned into a wolf against her will now she fights every day to prevent the turn as she feels she will never change back. As she can see what will happen to the pack in the future she is bound to make sure to retain her humanity at all cost. What she did not plan for was the sexy gray from another pack making her feel things she does not want to feel.

Ryan McKinley knew the first time he ever saw Carol that there was more to their relationship then he wanted to admit for one thing he did not believe she could see the future and he is going to do all he can to prove her to be the fraud he knows her to be.

When a virus breaks out affecting the pack Carol and Ryan race against time and their growing lust to find a cure before it is too late. It soon becomes apparent to Ryan that Carol is not the fraud he believed her to be but unless she accepts the fact that she is now a wolf and everything it entails he is afraid they can never truly be together. Will Carol give in to the moon and accept who and what she is or lose Ryan forever.

Book six in her Werewolf Series Terry Spear delivers another smash hit again. Ryan had been burned before by someone saying they could see the future so determined to prove Carol a fraud he is afraid to admit the truth that he is wrong (typical man). Carol is strong and able to prevent the change something no turned werewolf has been able to do she has no idea how unique she is. The chemistry between Carol and Ryan is sizzling this book is a must read and for those who have not had the pleasure of Ms. Spears wolves don’t worry they can be read as stand alones even though some secondary characters have their own stories not necessary to read them first

Annette gives this book


  1. I so agree, This book really deserved every last man hunk you gave it. It's totally entertaining.