Sunday, November 21, 2010

Review: In the Arms of A Stranger by Mary Eason

In the Arms Of A Stranger
by: Mary Eason
$4.50 ebook
New Concepts Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Released: September 2010

Honesty is the best policy in any relationship yet some people have a hard time grasping this concept. When swept off her feet by a shopper in her bookstore, Kate Edwards falls hard and fast in love though she soon finds that there’s more than meets the eye to Alex Bradshaw.

For ten years, Alex has sought revenge for the death of his estranged wife in a car accident, focusing his anger on one man, Robert Edwards. When Alex decides to get to the man through his daughter, he’s unable to go through with it the moment he meets her.

Kate finds out more than she can handle the day after their honeymoon and leaves Alex…many times. Each time he tracks her down, she runs away. Tearful, fearful, and angry, the woman won’t give him the chance to explain.

Alex turns to her father and they soon become fast friends, yet still, Alex resorts to devious methods to bring her back into his life, widening the gap between them further each time.

The story was well done, yet the heroine was oversensitive and never gives the hero a chance to talk. Even her poor cousin gets a tongue lashing from her numerous times. It would have been great to have a little more emotional interaction between the husband and wife rather than the cat chasing the mouse all the time.

Franny rates this book

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