Monday, November 29, 2010

Review: Devil's Desire by Laurie McBain

Devil’s Desire
by: Laurie McBain
$9.99 trade paperback
Historical Romance
Released: November 2010 (reissue)

Elysia Demarice has been left in the hands of her aunt that for some reason enjoys making Elysia’s life miserable but with nowhere to go she must endure and deal as best she can. When she decides she would be better off on her own she heads for London and all her troubles begin.

Lord Alex Trevegne is in need of escape so he leaves for his country estate when he stops for the night at an inn he finds even bigger problems when he awakens with a beautiful woman in his bed and not just any woman but an innocent one. He does the only thing he can he marries her.

Elysia gradually finds herself falling in love with her husband but when rumors begin to find their way back to her that he still has a mistress what is she to believe. It soon becomes apparent to her that there are people who want to destroy what they have together and now she must convince Alex that they belong together and can be happy but will it all fall apart before she has a chance to prove her love.

Originally written in 1975 DEVIL’S DESIRE is still a book for the ages. Although there were times when I would find I was not overly thrilled with Alex and his treatment of Elysia I would not change a thing about the book, it kept me turning the pages to see if Alex would ever realize how much he had going for him and that he had the unconditional love of a wonderful woman.

Annette gives this book

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