Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Interview with author Linnea Sinclair

Today we have joining us science fiction romance writer Linnea Sinclair. Linnea, thanks so much for stopping by to chat today. I see there's an anthology being released into hardcover on November 16th, called Songs of Love and Death: All-Original Tales of Love and Death. Your story is called Courting Trouble. Can you tell us what the story's about, and is it part of your Dock Five Universe?

--“Courting Trouble” is totally new characters and a totally new ‘universe,’ though it’s more in line with the action in FINDERS KEEPERS (though not that ‘world’ or its characters):

Stuck on Jabo Station, and facing the impounding of her starfreighter and the loss of her cargo, Captain Serenity Beck thinks things can’t get any worse. Until Nicandro Talligar—her EX-fiance’s best friend—shows up at her hatchway. She doesn’t believe his tale about being an undercover DIA agent nor his promise to help. But armed thugs and a corrupt stationmaster leave her no choice.

For Nic, finding Serri again is as if he’s been given a second chance to rectify the mistakes he made six years ago. But asking her to trust him now puts not only his career in jeopardy but also his heart. He knows he’s courting trouble—big trouble—this time. He only hopes he’ll live long enough to tell her how he really feels.

You can see a mini story-trailer for “Courting Trouble” on my website: http://www.linneasinclair.com/songs.html#trailer

The fourth book in the Dock Five Universe, called Rebels and Lovers, was released back in March. Do you have plans to write any more in the series? *fingers crossed, here's hoping*

--The Dock Five Universe books are a lot of fun. They started with GABRIEL’S GHOST—which was the beginning of Chaz’s and Sully’s story. Their story continued with SHADES OF DARK. Then I branched out to other characters’ stories in HOPE’S FOLLY and REBELS AND LOVERS. It appears, though, that REBELS will be the end of the series. My publisher isn’t interested in any more books in that universe, or books with those characters, at this time.

I’ll miss Chaz, Sully, Philip, Dorsie, and the gang, and hope I can return to them someday.

What made you decide to start writing professionally? And tying into this question, how long did it take you to land your first contract?

--One of my college degrees is in Journalism, so I’ve been writing professionally for a good bit of time, though not in fiction. I became involved in Star Trek fan fiction right after college, and continued to dabble in that all through my twenties and thirties, even while writing as a news reporter.

I sold my first commercial genre fiction novel to a Canadian small press in 2000, signed on with my agent in 2004 and she sold three of my science fiction romance novels to Bantam a few months later.

What is your favorite thing about writing? What is one thing about it you could live without?

--My favorite thing about writing? That I get paid to make stuff up? Probably something like that. The creative angle, the sheer fun of being able to invent worlds and people and situations, and then “play” with them.

The thing I could live without would be the business end, the promotional end, the making sure the world is informed that XYZ book is releasing on XYZ date, or that I’ll be doing a book signing here or there. The business part of my brain is totally different from the creative part of my brain, and I can’t do both at once. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself!

If we were able to sneak a peek at your bookshelves, what would we find?

--My middle bookshelf—the one directly over my computer, is full of reference books and craft-of-writing books. Things like Jack Bickham’s THE 38 MOST COMMON FICTION WRITING MISTAKES and Dr. Jeanne Cavelos’ THE SCIENCE OF STAR WARS.

The other two bookshelves on either side of my desk are a combo of pleasure reading—Robin D Owens, Lisa Shearin, Sara Creasey, Susan Grant, David Weber, Elizabeth Moon—and reference books (Air Force Officer’s Guide and Black’s Law Dictionary). In between all that are lots of cat figurines, my big honking gold RITA® award statue, and various crystal awards like the Prism, EPPIE, etc..

Pleasure books on the bookshelf have been reducing in number due to I’m a “Nookie” now. I read mostly on my Nook—and love it!

What would we catch you doing in your free time?

--I have free time? It’s been a while but going on a cruise with my husband. We used to do two a year but the past two to three years we’ve not been able to do so, due to my writing schedule and, as well, family issues. I really can’t write a book on a cruise but I have edited my books while cruising! Both FINDERS KEEPERS and GAMES OF COMMAND went through edits in the middle of the Caribbean.

How can readers learn more about you and your books?

--They can find me at several places.

My website --

My Facebook fan page--

My Goodreads page --

And my fan group on Yahoo--

I also tend to hang out at The Galaxy Express and the SFR Brigade blogs.

Linnea, I would like to thank you so much for taking time out to talk to us today. We wish you the best of luck (and I'll try to be patient and wait for your next book to come out).

Although I've read all of Linnea's books, I don't have any reviews posted, since I read the books months before we started the review site. Let me sum her books up: Go to the store, buy them, read them, and love them like I do. Her books are an excellent blend of science fiction and romance, leaving you red-eyed at four a.m. because you had to stay up to find out what happened. She's a master at her craft, and she's in my top two favorite sci-fi romance authors.

And now, Linnea has offered to give away an item from her Intergalactic Bar and Grille shop (http://www.cafepress.com/intergalactic).  Anyone who leaves a comment between now and Sunday, November 14th will be entered into the contest.  Good luck, and happy reading!


  1. I have not read a lot of sci-fi, but Ms Sinclair's books sound very good.

  2. She's one of my top two favorites for sci-fi romance. She has enough technology and space battles to make me drool, while building wonderful romances between the characters. Estella, if you're looking for a good sci-fi, but want a solid romance, check her out.


  3. @Estella Definitely give her books a try! They're character driven IMO, so even if you're not a huge fan of sci-fi, there's still a good chance you'll love them.

    I rarely ever buy anthologies, but I can't wait for SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH to go on sale!

  4. I'm a total fan of Linnea's books. Her books hit all the right buttons for me. Just the right blend of action and romance and she always delivers the slam bang ending. I'm still in mourning there won't be a last book in the Dock Five series. :-( Looking forward to the novella, though.

  5. i've been a fan of linnea's for a few years now - if you haven't started reading her books yet, what on earth (and space) are you waiting for? :) awesome, intelligent, well-written stuff!

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

  6. Alright guys, the contest runs until November 14th, not October 14th. Guess it would help if I read what I wrote, huh? :)


  7. lblairwill@yahoo.comTuesday, November 09, 2010

    Linnea's books are an intriguing blend of science fiction and romance with fascinating characters, edge-of-your-seat action and heat. I'm one of many hoping she finds a venue for more Dock 5 books! I'll be waiting!

  8. Linnea, tell your publisher that I'll buy anything else you write in the Dock 5 universe. Readers are far from bored yet.

  9. Linnea, I've only just started reading your books but am thoroughly enjoying them so far - can't wait to get more! :)

  10. Love the Dock Five series. I'm sad to here there won't be any more for now. I'll look forward to whatever is served up next, regardless!

  11. I'm a HUGE fan of Linnea. She's everything I want a person and an author to be. I've helped here with a couple of books so far and she's tried to teach me the craft while we worked on Hope's Folly and Rebels and Lovers. I consider it a very rare privilege. And I get to co-teach an online class for the RWA, that's a totally awsome experience. (Did I just say that? My daughter must be rubbing off on me). :~)
    Like everyone else, I'm waiting for the next Linnea universe somewhat impatiently of course :~)

    Admiral Mikey

  12. Waiting on the edge of my seat for Songs of Love and Death -- coming out on my birthday! Thanks for the present, Linnea! You're the best!

  13. My husband introduced me to Linnea's books. We've bought them all. Needless to say we're as disappointed as any of her fans that Dock 5 is now on the back burner. However, we look forward to Songs of Love and Death, and anything else Linnea writes in the future.

  14. I can't wait to read "Courting Trouble"! I'm a big fan of Linnea's books--I love her mix of sci-fi and romance. Like everyone else, I'm pretty disappointed there won't be another entry in the Dock 5 universe. Oh well--at least she's still writing sci-fi romance, even if it isn't in the Dock 5 universe! :0)

    Laurie P.

  15. Can't wait for the anthology to arrive! Of all your work, FINDERS KEEPERS is my absolute favorite and I still regularly re-read it, so another story set in this universe is very welcome. And you are tops in my book for SFR - plenty of action, great dialog, and worlds as well as characters who are so carefully developed that they seem real. I second/third/fourth the recommendations here for anyone who hasn't tried Linnea's work, or SFR, to check her out!

  16. For anyone who hasn't read Linnea's books RUN and buy them...NOW...seriously. She has great characters, interesting plots, and wonderful settings. Go get them!

  17. I don't read much sci-fi.
    Did read "Gabriel's Ghost," and planning others (due to Linnea's online excerpts!)
    (The kitty is beautiful-- looks like my Leo!)

  18. Linnea's books are fabulous. Everyone before me said it as well. This reader is totally bummed that her publisher dropped her Dock Five books but I will continue to read whatever she writes! Looking forward to Courting Trouble!

  19. Thanks, all, for your kind comments on my books! The kitty is my Brady-cat, a huge and still-growing love-lump. Eighteen+ pounds of Maine Coon kittenhood. ;-)

  20. Love-lumps can't weigh too much! (We have several.) All my copies of Ms. Sinclair's books are in the original covers! I read every one at least once a year because they are so much more 'comfortably me' than many of the newer writers. I very much miss 'the good old days' when we could look for a new one every eight months to a year; and while I hope there will be an opportunity to tie up the loose ends for a hfn ending for all of us, I would hate for her to get locked into a series (20+ books) where half of each book is a repeat to catch the reader up on everything that has gone before. After all, one of the best things about Ms. Sinclair's writing is the crisp, clear word-pictures one gets from reading her work. Maybe while Dock 5 is simmering we could finish the interstellar wars brewing in both "Finder's Keepers" and "Accidental Goddess". Is that enough work piled up yet?? Love it all!! Totally no-fat, no calorie, no carbs, delicious.

  21. I found Ms. Sinclair via a review from an on-line source, and now many of her books are total comfort reads for me.

  22. I have bought and read Ms. Sinclair's books religiously since I found Finder's Keepers several years ago. I re-read most of them on a semi-regular basis because they make me laugh - I love a snarky dialogue, at which she excels. Ah....

  23. Oh, I love Linnea's works and can't wait to see more stuff from her. I do wish I could peek at her bookshelf though. I bet I'd learn a lot!