Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Wicked Dirty by Scarlett Scott

Wicked Dirty
by: Scarlett Scott
$1.49 ebook
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Contemporary Erotica
Released: October 2010

Definitely a WICKED DIRTY ride of excitement and pleasure! Jake Shaw is a dreamy, sexy, alpha male who makes a gal’s mouth water with just a description of him while Ivy Denton is no delicate femme. She sure holds her own until he gets his lips on her and takes her to another world, filled with the fire of mad passion that makes your head spin, or is it your panties twist into knots?

From the second Ivy sees Jake, standing on the construction site you can feel the sexual tension and share her lustful cravings for him. Jake, on the other hand, seems to have all the cards in his favour, turning an important business meeting into a quickie Ivy can’t soon forget. Little does she know that Jake is just as unsettled about their wild affair as she is and isn’t about to walk away after a sampling of her more than willing body.

Scarlett Scott weaves a quick tale of desire that strikes like lightning; hot, fast, and deep. I definitely want to read more of this author’s delectable tales. In only a few pages, I was lost and couldn’t put the story down for a moment.

Franny gives this book a rating of:
and 1/2

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