Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: The Small Print by Barbara Elsborg

The Small Print
by: Barbara Elsborg
$7.99 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Paranormal Erotica / Menage
Released: October 2010

Matty is shocked when she finds herself back in the home she grew up in, without any recollection of why she's there.  To make matters worse, her uncle sells the house out from under her.  Luckily, the small print in the contract allows her to live in the attic, but she doesn't think the new owner will be too happy about that little stipulation...

Turner used to be a vampire historian of some renown, until a past mistake got him shunned from other vampires.  He's long lusted after Milford Hall, and jumps at the chance to buy it.  What he doesn't expect is the sexy little firecracker living in the attic, stubbornly refusing to leave. 

Catch, Turner's former lover, comes to Milford Hall to warn Turner of enemies from the past bent on revenge.  What he doesn't expect are the feelings he still has for Turner, as well as an instant attraction to Matty.  Half vampire, half shifter, Catch's shifter side is claiming both as mate, which is impossible...isn't it?

As the danger grows near, the three are faced with a horrible revelation from within, and the outcome could change them all...forever.

This one sucked me in from the beginning, and the twist the author put in a few chapters in was awesome, making the story even better.  It added another level to the plot, and skillfully blended the two together.  Matty is an amazing woman, unafraid to stand up for herself and what she wants, and she wants Turner.  Turner thinks she's a pain in the rear, and tries to push her away, only to find himself thinking about her nonstop.  Add in an old boyfriend to the mix, and you've got yourself one steamy story.  A couple of the sex scenes got dragged out a bit longer than I liked, but thinking back on it, each one does serve a purpose in furthering the story.  Other than that, I really enjoyed this book, and I would recommend this for anyone who likes a steamy m/f/m book with lots of paranormal action, with a touch of violence.

Carla gives this book a

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