Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: Slave of Desire by Marly Mathews & Raven Willow-Wood

Slave of Desire
Taken #1
by: Marly Mathews & Raven Willow-Wood
$4.50 ebook
New Concepts Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: December 2010

All Catriona wanted to do was leave Earth, and her past, behind her.  What she doesn't expect is to find herself kidnapped by slavers and ending up as a sex slave on an alien auction block.  After being bought by a mysterious buyer, she's horrified when she meets him, her hopes crushed.  But just when things seem bleakest, she finds out the horrid creature in front of her isn't her new Master, but the infamous pirate captain Bayne.  Even though the things he makes her submit to are embarrassing, she finds herself drawn to him and submits.

Bayne is furious when he finds out one of his crew bought a slave with his money, and intends to take his displeasure out on the new slave.  When he sees her, however, he's instantly captivated by the fiery-tempered seductress before him.  But will he ever be able to tame her, because if he doesn't, she'll run away from him...forever.

This short story had a lot of plot in it.  Pretty much Catriona is snatched up by slavers while waiting at a spaceport on Earth.  When she realizes she's about to be sold to some alien as a sex slave, she freaks.  When she sees the guy that bought her, she wants to puke.  But when she sees her true Master, she doesn't know whether to break his nose, or submit to him in every way.  I had a few problems with this, most notably with Bayne.  His emotions kept bouncing around, and I had a hard time pegging him.  He just moved around too much from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Catriona was written very well, and I was able to easily get a feel for her.  The world building was done very well, and all necessary elements explained.

Carla gives this book a

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