Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review: Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman by Lorraine Heath

Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman
London's Greatest Lovers #2
by: Lorraine Heath
$7.99 mass market paperback
Avon Books
Historical Romance
Released: November 2010

Mercy Dawson sets out on a course that could either bring her the ultimate happiness or cause her to lose everything she loves. When she arrives with babe in arms at the home of the man she believes to have died on the battlefield her only hope is that the family will take them in and allow her to remain a part of the child’s life. What she is soon to discover is that the man she loved and admired was very much alive now she can only hope that he will not declare her for being the fraud she really is.

Stephen Lyons has no memory of what happened over the last two years so when a young woman who knew him in those times arrives with his child he will do what he has to not only to try and regain his memory without her knowledge that he has no idea who she is and also to make right the wrong he did her.

PLEASURES OF A NOTORIOUS GENTLEMAN is the second book in the London’s Greatest Lovers Series. Lorraine Heath has always delivered with everything she has written and she continues to do so with this latest addition to her resume. The story is heartwarming and romantic with strong emotions of a man trying to prevent his secret being known and a woman who will stop at nothing to win his love.

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