Monday, October 11, 2010

Review: Lost Hearts by Ashlynn Monroe

Lost Hearts
by: Ashlynn Monroe
$3.99 e-book
Silver Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: July 2010

Laurel has a secret.  She's secretly in love with the man she meets for erotic interludes in her dreams.  Although she knows he isn't real, she can't help but cling to the illusion, now more than ever.  For her father has decreed she's to marry, but she feels no love for her intended.  As a princess, though, she knows it's her duty, so she resigns herself to her fate.

On the day of the wedding, she's struck speechless when her dream lover come to life walks up and kidnaps her at her mate bonding ceremony.  Whisked aboard his ship, she learns the man is not the gentle lover she knew, but rather a king of his people, and more masculine and domineering than she knows what to do with.

As the plans for her old life fall in tatters all around her, he's there for her, bringing their dreams to life in vivid detail.  But although she's fallen for him in her dreams, can she trust the reality version, or was it all a lie?

The world Laurel is from has shunned technology, and is happy that way.  Her father is the king, and it's her duty to marry well, ensuring the bloodlines.  But although the guy she's supposed to marry is a good friend of hers, she has no love to offer him.  Laurel has always put her duties before her desires, and this time is no exception.  She mourns the loss of her fantasy lover, but knows she must give him up if she's to have a good marriage.  What she doesn't expect is for him to show up at her wedding, knock out the guards, and steal her away, claiming she's his.  It was a fun story to read, with interesting ideas and concepts.  I can't elaborate without giving the story away, so all I can say is, read it for yourself and find out.  There is one thing that bothered me, and it was the overuse of exclamation points.  A writing workshop I went to pointed out that too many exclamation points pulls the reader out of the story.  This book doesn't go crazy with them, but there are enough to bug me.  Other than that, I enjoyed the story itself.

Carla gives this book a

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