Monday, October 4, 2010

Review: Down on the Boardwalk by Suzanne Rock

Down on the Boardwalk
by: Suzanne Rock
$6.99 ebook
Paranormal Erotica
Released: August 2010

Gwen has never been accepted in any pack due to her physic abilities so when she thinks she has finally found a home it is to discover she is a captive to be used to bring down another pack leader. She is shocked when Tony and Nico are brought into her cell but not as shocked when she finds that they are both her mates.

Tony and Nico are on a mission to find out what their pack leader’s enemy is up to. When they are caught and thrown into a room with the beautiful Gwen it is not uncommon for the brothers to share but to share a mate.

As Gwen tries to hide her roll in what is planned for the pack leader Tony and Nico must overcome their jealousies and insecurities of having to share their mate and yet convince Gwen that they are all true mates. When the truth comes out will it destroy what they all have together and will the brothers be able to both love one woman?

Suzanne Rock’s follow up to book one in the Kyron Wolf Pack is sensitive, erotic and will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next between Gwen, Tony and Nico. I really enjoyed the storyline and it kept my interest and I liked the fact that she wrote Tony and Nico as your strong heroes but there is a vulnerability about them as well.
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