Monday, October 18, 2010

Review: Diamond Assets by Ruth D. Kerce

Diamond Assets
Diamond Studs series
by: Ruth D. Kerce
$4.45 ebook
$11.99 trade paperback
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Contemporary Erotica
Released: October 2010

When prim and proper assistant Ronni Strickland lets her hair down, her boss, Hunter Dunlap, nearly explodes as fantasies flash through his mind. Hunter’s failed marriage haunts him since his wife left him on Valentine’s Day years before with his previous assistant...a woman!

The last thing that interests Hunter is his little black book of women who want his body and his money, yet suddenly Ronni has caught more than his attention without even trying. Together they go on a trip to check out a fantasy resort designed to fulfill any desire and find they are booked into a fetish room as a couple. All Hunter can think about is sinking deep inside Ronni and staying there for good.

Ronni has wanted Hunter since the moment she met him and would like more than anything for him to make wild, passionate love to her and never stop. When she finds out they are going to the resort, she prepares to ravish him if he doesn’t make the first move. She may appear a prude on the outside but inside she’s all woman, daring enough to let Hunter do anything he wants with her. 

The couple have a spark between them that can’t be denied as they explore each other and their new relationship. Ronni’s character resembles many women who hide their secret desires, hoping against hope for that one special night with the right man. Hunter is a dream come true, his kindness, humor, devotion, and passion a perfect mixture that rubs Ronni in all the right places.  Ruth D. Kerce leads the reader on a blazing trail of passion in a well-woven tale of two lovers who find bliss when you’d think there was no hope. Diamond Assets is an exceptional story that warms the heart.

Franny gives this book a rating of:
and 1/2

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