Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: Death and Roses by T.J. Michaels

Death and Roses
Hunters for Hire series
by: T.J. Michaels
$5.95 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: September 2010

After narrowly escaping a murder attempt, Scharsi is content with her new life, staying in the shadows to avoid detection.  But when she comes home to find the only man who ever cared for her lying in a pool of his own blood, she knows her quiet life is over.  Vowing revenge on the ones who killed her friend, she heads out to begin her hunt.

She doesn't expect to run across a man drenched in blood, and wearing her friend's clothes to boot.  After knocking him out and taking him aboard her ship, she learns he was neared killed by the Amalgamation-the people he used to work for.  Even though she suspects him of taking part in her friend's death, she can't help but notice the overpowering attraction to him. 

But personal feelings will have to wait, because she's on a mission of revenge, and the Amalgamation's about to learn what happens when you mess with a bounty hunter.

Scharsi just wanted to be left alone and off the radar, but the return of the Amalgamation ruined that.  Now she's out for revenge, and nothing will get in her way.  When Tanil shows up bruised and bloody, she's not sure if he's a part of her friend's death, or a victim like her.  The two are instantly drawn to each other, although trust is harder to come by.  This was a great story of revenge and redemption, and of setting free a person's true nature.  It's about courage and love, of overcoming all obstacles in your path to avenge those you love.  And the story having bounty hunters just made it that much better.  :)

Carla gives this book a

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