Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review: Dark Deception by Suzanne Rock

Dark Deception
by: Suzanne Rock
$4.00 ebook
Red Sage Publishing
Paranormal Romance
Released: September 2010

Maria is control by the vampire lord Carlos and he wants to end the council’s hold on vampires using humans to feed. He sends Maria to seduce Enrique and hopes to change him and use him to gain access to the council to kill them all.

Enrique knows what Maria is but it does not stop him from falling in love with her and allowing her to change him. But, when he overhears a discussion she has with Carlos that it was all a setup he waits until the time is right to get his revenge on Maria.

Centuries later their paths cross again not by accident and Enrique is prepared to follow through with his plans to seduce Maria as she did him and learn where Carlos is and kill them both. What he was not prepared for was that he is not as over Maria as he thought and when he learns the truth can he forgive her of the past?

Suzanne Rock will have you from the first words. DARK DECEPTION is a story of love and betrayal. Maria and Enrique both have their demons and their reasons for what they do it is now up to them to try and make their love work. I was captivated and enjoyed the story.

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