Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review: Blood and Sex Volume I: Michael by Angela Cameron

Blood and Sex, Volume 1
by: Angela Cameron
$4.99 ebook
Ravenous Romance
Paranormal Erotica
Released: January 2009

Victoria is a detective searching for a killer and she needs the help of someone in the vampire world. The one vampire she actually tried to kill is her only way in the question is will he help for nothing or will he expect to claim her as his price.

Michael knows his boss is somehow messed up in this and it makes the perfect time for him to take over but he isn’t about to help Tori just out of the goodness of his heart he wants her and he will have her.

As Michael takes Victoria into his world they find that they are becoming drawn to each other more than Victoria wants and exactly how Michael planned it but can Michael complete the bond before it is too late.

BLOOD AND SEX VOLUME I: MICHAEL is Angela Cameron’s beginning of a fun and erotic series of a world of vampires and their humans is hot, exciting and entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter and chemistry between Victoria and Michael.

Annette gives this book a rating of:

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