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Interview with Kate Douglas

Today we have with us paranormal romance/erotica author Kate Douglas. Kate, thanks for taking time out to chat. I see you've got a couple books coming out within the next month, Hellfire on August 31st and Nocturnal on September 7th. Can you tell us a little bit about each one?

HellFire is the second book in my DemonSlayers series—this one features the Lemurian Alton of Artigos, and 911 operator Ginny Jones, both introduced in DemonFire. Alton is worried about Ginny’s safety when demons threaten to overrun the small town of Evergreen, at the base of Mt. Shasta, where Ginny lives, so he gives her a hypnotic compulsion to go and visit her cousins in Sedona, Arizona. Alton thinks he’s sending Ginny out of harm’s way, but instead he’s dropped her right in the middle of the newest demon invasion. As soon as he realizes what he’s done, Alton heads to Sedona to protect the beautiful woman he can’t stop thinking of, and he and Ginny end up in a true fight for their lives. This story has some twists and turns I really wasn’t expecting, and I think readers will love Ginny. She’s not one to take any sh*& off ANYONE, especially this tall blond dude who thinks he knows what’s best for her.

The story I’ve got in the Nocturnal anthology is called Crystal Dreams. It’s also part of the DemonSlayers series and takes place about the same time as Ginny and Alton are fighting demons in Sedona. However Crystal Dreams, the small crystal shop in Evergreen, is the site of this demonic battle—Mari Schwartz is running the store for her mom while her father recovers from surgery. Mari’s always denied her magical heritage, but when she knocks out an almost seven foot tall guy she thinks is attacking her, all her long-held beliefs are shattered. Darius of Kronus is way too real to be merely a myth, and he’s just saved her from something that really can’t exist. Not only are demons after Mari, she discovers she’s an even more powerful witch than her mother, which is a very good thing, since she and Darius are all that stand between demonkind and the citizens of Evergreen.

What was the inspiration that made you pick up that pen (or sit down in front of the computer) and decide to write?

I’ve always loved to write. I come from a family of diary keepers and writers, though everyone else wrote for pleasure, not publication. My first job out of college was writing commercials for a country western radio station in Turlock, California in 1972. I like to think I’ve moved up the employment ladder since then, but I’ve always been a writer at heart. Once I discovered romances and fell in love with the genre, I knew that I wanted to create my own stories.

What do you think is the best part about writing? The worst?

I’m asked this question a lot, and all I can say is, there is no worst. I love writing. Love every bit of the process, from coming up with the ideas, to writing the stories, to revisions and copy edits and seeing that final book on the shelf in the store. I love hearing from my readers, going to conferences, and reading books written by other authors. It’s all good.

How much time are you given to write a book, from draft to finished product, or does it vary depending on the contract you're currently under?

I’ve been under contract with Kensington since late 2005, with my first book, Wolf Tales, coming out in January 2006. Since that time, I’ve written fourteen novels and ten novellas for anthologies, plus a few short stories for various charitable anthologies. I’ve had a new book out every three months since the first book released, which means I have approximately three months between books, though it doesn’t always work out quite that neatly! Right now I’m writing Wolf Tales 12, which is due August 15, and then I’ll start CrystalFire, due November 1, but I usually figure on about two months to write each one. Remember, there’s also a lot of other stuff going on—copy edits and page proofs for books in production, promotional efforts (blogs like this, Facebook, letters for bookclubs, etc.) and lots of things that take up time. Answering email alone takes me all morning. I work seven days a week, but like I said earlier, it’s all good. I can’t imagine enjoying anything else as much.

I know several of your stories are in anthologies with other authors. Do you have any control over who those other authors are, or is that entirely up to the publisher?

Just about everything in this business is up to the publisher, though we, as authors, can make suggestions and our editors will do their best to fulfill our requests. I tend to leave those decisions entirely to my publisher—they’re in this business to make money, and I doubt they’re going to intentionally put out a bad product. Authors can propose anthologies with other authors of their choice, but I haven’t had time to even think along those lines. It’s been a really REALLY busy five years!

You mainly write erotica. Have you had any opposition from people because of what you write?

Well, my 89 year old mother’s not real happy, but it’s not the sex—she has trouble with books where people turn into animals! Actually, my email is amazingly positive. At first I got some shocked emails, but those who have stayed with the series and know the characters have gotten past their surprise and realize that the graphic sex is just a small part of the overall series. The stories are about family and love and the ability of love to heal what’s broken. I think that message is stronger than the explicit sex, which is very much a part of the characters’ personas. Plus, I get WONDERFUL thank you notes from men who love the fact their wives read my books, and even nicer notes from women who have their spouses reading the parts about foreplay...I like to think I’m doing something good for relationships around the globe...

Kate, I'd like to thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. Annette and I both wish you lots of success with your upcoming releases, and any others in the future.

Thank you! I really do appreciate the opportunity to talk about my books. I hope readers will take a chance on my DemonSlayers series. DemonFire was the first, HellFire the second and Nocturnal/Crystal Dreams is part of the story, though not integral to the series as a whole. However, the characters introduced in Crystal Dreams will show up in StarFire, the next in the series that releases in April 2011. I hope you’ll be able to find a couple of winners for me—they’ll receive a copy of either HellFire or DemonFire, along with a stuffed dog that looks just like Bumper, the pit bull/poodle cross from the series.

You can visit Kate's site at

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  1. I don't know how I missed this series! It sounds awesome.

    kissinoak at verizon dot net

  2. Haven't read about this series before. But hey, now i want to know more about each of the book :)

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  3. Hi guys--sorry to be so late showing up, but I had to spend the day in town--we live an hour away, up in the mountains, and since I had a dentist appointment in town, I ended up having to run a bunch of "town errands" while I was there. Estella, how could you POSSIBLY miss this series? (Just kidding...really!)I've got full chapter excerpts of all my books at for the DemonSlayers series, and at for the Wolf Tales, Sexy Beast stories. Check 'em out!

  4. Hi Kate -
    I'd love to win 'Hellfire'!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  5. Hi Kate,
    I would love to win - Hellfire

  6. I am reading Chanku Honor right now. I love the Wolf Tales books and can't wait to try the Demon Slayers books too!

  7. i love your series, and how u namesd them by the number, whew it makes it so much easier than trying to figure out what number the series is with so close a title

  8. Hi Kate, I love the new series....It is so much fun, keeps me on my toes...I'm still stump and don't know how he is getting I guess i have to wait... I so hate waiting.

  9. Hi Kate, So far I love your new series and would absolutely love a copy of HellFire!

  10. Hi Kate,
    I am looking forward to readinig Nocturnal. I am sooooo looking forward to the release of WT11 and 12. AND, opf course hoping to read about the next generation!
    Betty Hamilton

  11. Good morning...Hi Night're in! You too, Shirley. Thanks, Lauren. The characters in Chanku Honor really come into their own in the later books in the series. Blackroze--the numbering makes it easier, though the numbers are off with the Sexy Beast books in between, so that a lower number comes after the higher Wolf Tales number, which always confuses the everlovin' HELL out of me! (That's because there's the Wild Nights anthology after Wolf Tales II, which really doesn't quite fit anywhere...)

    Honey, it will ALL work out! always does. Gotta have my happy endings!

    Hi Diane--gotcha entered. Thanks, Betty...I'm hoping that works out, too. I'm ready as soon as my publisher is!

  12. Hi Kate! This is Christy Downs from Missouri. You know how much I love your work on the Wolf Tales/Sexy Beast series. You are an awesome author and still have trouble finding an author that I enjoy reading as much as you. I loved Demonfire and can't wait to get Demonfire. I hope all is well with you and yours.

  13. Hi Kate! As you already know I love the new DemonSlayers series as well as the WT series! Since you've already given me a copy of both DemonFire and HellFire I'd love to have the stuffed dog! Already have my copy of Nocturnal pre-ordered from Amazon. Wish WT was NOT coming to an end but am seriously considering re-reading all of them again. Thanks for writing such wonderful, descriptive books that I can NEVER put down once I start.

  14. Enjoy all your books! The Sexy Beast cover had my 18 year old rolling her eyes and going motheeer!! I just smile and remind them I could be dating but instead I am at home and reading. (LOL) You already know how much I so Love the Wolf Tales and how very, very unhappy I am that #12 will be the last. DemonFire was great!!! I do not have HellFire yet because I am still sending emails to the book clubs to get it into hardcover and on their list. I might have to break down and buy the softcover because I hate it when a new book is out and I do not have it yet!!! I am interested in what your new book proposal will have in store for your readers. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!!!

  15. You are one busy lady. Congrats on all your books. I just bought Nocturnal and can't wait to read it. :)

  16. I cried a few tears when I read that Wolf Tales will be ending soon. But the DemonSlayer series is great. It was soon good meeting you this year at RT. I saw my picture on your page. Wow I'm a celebrity. LOL :-)

  17. Kate...You weren't kidding when you said you had some blogging to do;) I'd love to win HELLFIRE or NOCTURNAL or SEXY BEAST VIII. I so loved Bumper in DemonFire:)

    You know I look forward to any new books you write but I'm also torn about Wolf Tales ending. Nothing last forever but seriously, a few more Wolf Tales couldn't hurt;) It's such a unique series.

  18. Okay I guess I can admit, I was one that when I first picked up a Wolf Tales...hit a spot where I refelctively, peeked over one shoulder, then the next.

    I'm sure a rather heated mischevious smile broke forth about that time as well.

    I remember thinking, wow, this is sexxxxayyyy!

    Then somewhere through the story, I thought wow, these guys could watch my back any day of the week!

    The bonding and love floored me. Intense yes, but so utterly true and deep as well.

    Book after book I fell more in love with the Chanku and envied their close knit bonds.

    I too am looking forward to WF 12 with bittersweet emotions.

    Loved DemonFire (and now have the desire for a travelocity knome in my yard) and can't wait for HellFire.

    Keep up the great work Kate, for I'm more than a little addicted to your works.

  19. Hi Christy! Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope all is well.

    Thanks, Suzanne...and so glad you guys dodged the bullet with the hurricane! That could have been a mess.

    HI Claudia! Thanks for stopping by.

    Thanks,, you embarrass your kid by what you read. Imagine our two with a mother who WRITES the stuff!!!

    I AM, NJ! Hope you like Crystal Dreams in Nocturnal. That one's mine! was fun meeting you, too, Niki! It's a good shot of us, too! Sometimes I can REALLY ruin a picture!

    Thanks, Nancy. I told you I was all over the place! With two books coming out within a week of each other, I figured I had to get the word out!

    Thanks so much, Dana. of the things I tell writers in my workshop on writing erotic romance is that if your mom is "figuratively speaking" peeking over your shoulder, you can't write it. You've got someone peeking even when you read it? :-) So pleased to hear you've enjoyed my stories.

  20. Hi Kate!
    Love the Wolf Books!! It's one of my fav girlfriend and I trade the books around. I haven't read the Demon Slayer books yet, I will look for them the next time I get to the book store! Thanks for your awesome stories!!

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  22. Kate,

    As always I'm amazed @ your wonderful world building & storytelling.

    I was 1st lost in your Chanku series & continue to be fascinated. Thank you for the fabulous tales (pun intended).

    If you're giving books away I'll always have my hands out! ;-)

  23. Thanks Mary! The DemonSlayers aren't as sexy, but they're definitely fun--I think you'll enjoy them. let me know!

    Kaz, I am definitely giving books away! I think the blog owner will be choosing winners in a few more days.

  24. I'd love to win Hellfire, Sexy Beast VIII or Nocturnal. Keep up the great work. You always know what curls my toes.

  25. How did I miss the DemonSlayer series?!! Been too busy to keep up. Of couse, I'm looking at a couple of 18 hour flights in October. Uninterrupted reading time. :-) Are these available as e-books?

  26. Good morning, Donna! I think winners will be selected today.

    Anne, I have NO IDEA! LOL Yes, all three (DemonFire, HellFire and Nocturnal) are available as ebooks--at least as Kindle and Nook releases. Have never checked to see where else.

  27. I love that you get letters from husbands and wives!! That is pretty awesome :) I definitely want to read your books soon!

    inthehammockblog at gmail dot com