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Review: Lisia's Journey by Rebecca Airies

Lisia's Journey
by: Rebecca Airies
$5.95 e-book
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: September 2010

All Lisia wants to do is go home, but fate seems to have other ideas.  While stranded on the planet, she runs into the leader of the local Aridi pack.  He scents her and decides she's his mate, and insists she stay with him.  She's not very happy, because she was trying to hide her own Aridi heritage from her traveling companions.  Although she finds Jarritt attractive, she doesn't want to be tied down to anyone, although the stubborn cat won't listen to reason.

Jarritt is instantly captivated by the beauty he sees, and knows she's his mate.  Vowing to do anything he can to keep her there, he doesn't realize what a fight he'll have on his hands when he says it.

But wooing her will have to wait, because the area's been under attack by space pirates, and Jarritt must not only focus on keeping his clan safe, but his new mate, as well.

This story takes place on a different world, but ultimately it's a shifter story.  After an incident on a space station, all of Lisia's ways home are blocked, so she turns to the United Defense Alliance for help.  While on a planet, the leader of the pack claims her as a mate, and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her to agree. Lisia's never wanted a mate, and doesn't intend to start now.  The problem is getting it through the thick Alpha's skull.  The worldbuilding was pretty good, and it had a solid plot.  I would have liked to see Lisia put up more of a fight with Jarritt, but overall, it was a pretty good read.

Carla gives this book a

Review: Dragon Witch by Kathy Kulig

Dragon Witch
by: Kathy Kulig
$4.45 e-book
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: September 2010

A biologist, Jaida has established herself on Somerled, making medicine for the villagers.  She is also the guardian of Kai, the last dragon left on the planet.  Jaida would go to any length to keep Kai safe, even if it means alienating the villagers. 

Brayden and Jaida used to be lovers, until Brayden left her without a backwards glance.  Now he's back, stuck on Somerled for reasons Jaida doesn't entirely trust. 

Although Jaida wants to confide in Brayden, she dares not, because she doubts he'll stick around for long--space pilots never do.  As she, Brayden and Kai make the journey to the coast, Jaida must decide whether she can trust Brayden with Kai's secret--twice a year, Kai turns into a human, and must have sex for a full day or else he'll die. 

As she and Brayden succumb to the passion that burns between them, Brayden must decide if he's okay with letting Kai join them in an erotic adventure the three of them would surely never forget.

Brayden was the pilot to take Jaida to Somerled.  On the trip, they connected, spending lots of time together in Brayden's bed.  Once they got to the planet, however, he left without saying goodbye.  Jaida spent three years trying to forget about Brayden, when he unexpectedly shows up in her life again.  But her first duty is to keep Kai safe, since he's the last dragon of his kind.  She still burns for Brayden, but doesn't think she can trust him.  Anyone who enjoys dragon shifters and some light menage should give this book a try.

Carla gives this book a

Review: Building Magic by Lilly Cain

Building Magic
by: Lilly Cain
$4.00 ebook
Red Sage Publishing
Romantic Fantasy
Released: October 2010

Tina is an architectural student spending her summer as a welder.  While sitting on the fifth floor of the building, she spies a gorgeous man in the office across the street stripping, and...glowing?  Playing the Peeping Tom, she uses her binoculars to get a closer look, forgetting there's nothing to stop her fall when she leans too far out.

When Devin hears a woman's screams, he doesn't think, just uses his magic to call her to him, but it comes at a price.  The two are sucked through the portal he'd opened, and transported back to his homeworld of Sa'Harin.  Knowing neither of them can go back to Earth, he agonizes, for it was prophecised he would find something on Earth to end the bitter wars raging on his homeworld.

Tina thought the fall and portal were weird enough, but when she learns her mystery man is also a dragon, she's not sure what to think.  On top of that, Devin somehow knows she's a virgin, and tells her other dragons will be drawn to her because of it.  As the passion between the two ignites, Devin begins to think that with Tina by his side, the two might be able to bring the war to an end.

This was a nice, quick story about what happens when a woman who's never fit in suddenly finds herself in a whole other world, one populated by dragons.  She takes it pretty well, surprisingly.  Because she's fully human, she takes some grief for it, because Devin is the ruler of the dragons, and they don't want him to dilute the bloodline by mating with a human.  She's attracted to him, and is shocked to find he accepts her as she is.  Wanting to help this strange new world, she looks around for ways to help.  Anyone who loves dragons will enjoy this story.

Carla gives this book a

Review: The Balance of Silence by Michelle Moore & S. Reesa Herberth

The Balance of Silence
by: Michelle Moore & S. Reesa Herberth
$4.50 e-book
Samhain Publishing
Sci-Fi Romance / GLBT
Released: September 2010

Trying to escape his dark past, Riv joins ReliefCorp, running supplies to settlers in war ravaged areas.  While on a run on Maltana, he stops at an out of the way bar, hoping for a decent meal and a place to rest for the night.  What he doesn't expect to find is a man bent over the piano, flinching at everyone who gets too close, unable to say a word.  Unexplicably drawn to the man, Riv offers a ride to the closest town for help.

What he doesn't know is the sheer amount of torture Ducks not only went through physically, but mentally as well.  By the time they arrive in town, a tentative relationship has started between the two men, but Riv knows Ducks needs more help than he's able to give.

Months later, Riv and Ducks cross paths once again, and the budding relationship started on Maltana blooms into life.  But the loss of Ducks' voice still stands between them.  Can Riv finally put the demons of his past to rest and help Ducks, or will it tear them apart forever?

This was a very nice male/male love story.  The characters developed a friendship that soon turned into a budding, if awkward, romance.  The torture poor Ducks endured was horrible (although they didn't go into any gory detail), and I was anguished at the loss of his voice.  It was great to see how Riv was there for him and just by being there, helped pull Ducks out of his shell (so to speak).  The worldbuilding was very nicely executed, and the supporting characters had strong voices of their own.  Anyone who wants to try a male/male love story but is a bit apprehensive should give this book a try.  It's a great story for getting your feet wet on a same sex relationship story.

Carla gives this book a 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review: Beyond Eden by Kele Moon

Beyond Eden
by: Kele Moon
$7.99 e-book
Ellora's Cave
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: September 2010

Eve and Paul were teenage sweethearts in high school, and the decision for Eve to move to New York for college about destroyed them both.  After ten years, Eve leaves her shattered life in New York and moves back home.  The last person she expects to run into is Danny, best friend to both her and Paul while they were younger.  Turns out Danny and Paul live together, and the joyful reunion she expects to have with Paul is brought short when she finds him engaged to someone else.

Heartbroken, she turns to Danny for support.  What used to be a strong friendship turns into a budding relationship, but Danny has a dark secret he's keeping from her.

Danny has had a crush on Eve since they were kids, but what she doesn't know is that Danny's had a crush on Paul, as well.  As Eve surrenders to the forbidden with Danny, can they convince Paul to join them in their erotic desires, or will it cause them to lose him...for good?

The emotional depth and complexity of the characters is amazing.  This story stayed with me long after I finished reading it.  Eve and Paul loved each other in high school.  Eve wanted Paul to come to New York with her, but he refused, and they broke up to go their separate ways, each leaving a piece of their heart behind with the other.  Ten years later, Eve's life fell into shambles, so she comes back to her hometown to live with her parents.  When she meets up with Danny and Paul again, she's thrilled, until she learns she can't have Paul, since he's with someone else.  Her and Danny start dating, since she had a crush on him as well.  She's shocked to learn of Danny's darker pleasures in the bedroom, but willingly submits to the games he plays.  But although Danny loves being with Eve, he also wants to be with Paul.  This story was a whirlwind of emotions, intricately interwoven with the darker side of BDSM play.  Anyone interested in a solid story with great characters and a lot of naughtiness should give this book a try.

Carla gives this book a

Review: The Horizon by Charlotte Stein

The Horizon
by: Charlotte Stein
$5.20 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: September 2010

Mortal enemies Quade and Sol have spent years tormenting and stealing jobs from each other.  So when Quade comes across Sol's ship being attacked by Cybers, his first instinct is to run as far and as fast as possible. 

But that's not what he does.

Thinking he's out of his mind, he swoops in to save her, only to have it backfire when they're both captured by the Cybers.  Knowing the horrible fate that awaits them, he thinks all is lost, especially when they come at him with the needles.  What he doesn't expect is for the Cybers to take one look at Sol and let them both go.

What seems to be a blessing soon turns into a curse when Sol's ship becomes stranded in space.  And to make matters worse, the Cybers have injected both of them with an aphrodisiac, making his once-mortal enemy look good enough to lick all over...

This book revolves around two people who can't stand each other, but seem to be there for each other if need be.  The book starts out when Sol's ship is attacked by Cybers, and Quade tries to help, only to end up taken prisoner with her.  The Cybers are part human, part machine, with an unquenchable lust for pain and suffering.  They like to take people apart and rebuild them, creating grotesque parodies of their former selves.  When the two are suddenly released, they're not sure what to think, but take what they can get and flee.  But soon Sol's ship dies on them, and they're left floating in space, hoping someone will get to them before time runs out.  The aphrodisiac given to them makes getting into each other's pants top priority, and neither one is sure how they feel about that.  This book is written in the present tense, which makes it very difficult to follow.  There is no backstory to the characters, nothing to explain why they are the way they are.  I just had a real hard time connecting to the characters in this one.  The plot is solid, though, and the idea of the Cybers was creative.
Carla gives this book a

Sabrina Jeffries Contest Winner

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Interview with Sabrina Jeffries

It is with great pleasure that we here at RomFan Reviews welcome New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries, who has been kind enough to take a break from her busy schedule to sit down and spend a little time with us. Welcome Sabrina I am a huge fan of your work. I can actually say I have almost all your books and always get excited when I find a new one coming out.

QUESTION: Yesterday was the big release day for A Hellion in Her Bed, which is the second book in your Hellions of Halstead Hall series. Can you tell us a little about the book?

SABRINA: It concerns the second oldest of the Sharpe siblings, Jarret. He agrees to run the family’s brewery for a year if Grandmother Hetty rescinds her ultimatum that he marry. But the gambler in him can’t resist when a woman named Annabel Lake proposes a wager. If she wins their card game, he has to help save her family’s foundering brewery. But if he wins, she has to spend a night in his bed. The outcome of their wager then threatens to destroy all of Jarret’s plans, as well as possibly unveiling the secret Annabel has kept close all these years.

QUESTION: With book one we read about Oliver Sharpe who appeared in School for Heiresses series, and I believe Minerva’s story is next to be released in January—w ill we also see Gabriel and Celia with their own stories?

SABRINA: Oh, yes, they’ll both have books. I’m already plotting Gabe’s, since I’m writing it next.

QUESTION: What gave you the inspiration to begin writing?

SABRINA: From age 9 on, believe it or not, I read romances, but I only wrote poetry and short stories until grad school. In college I decided I wanted to be a writer, but I thought the best route to that was to go to grad school in English, become a professor so I could have a paying job, and then try to publish stories and poetry. Somehow the academic work took over. Then while I was a visiting assistant professor of English at Tulane University, I sat down to develop a publishable academic work based on my dissertation about James Joyce and found it so boring that I started writing a novel instead. After a while, I realized I was writing a romance novel. It didn't sell, but the next one did, and I've been writing ever since.

QUESTION: Do you do research of the era that your books are based? And how much time to do spend doing research for your books?

SABRINA: I generally have to do research related to everyday life in the period, depending on what will be covered in my book. I research the main events of the year of my setting. I pore over maps of the area of my setting and try to find out information about the flora and fauna of the area. I also regularly use a Regency thesaurus. I don’t know how long it takes me, because most of my research I do while I’m writing the book. I wait until I need to know something, and then I spend time looking it up. But trust me, it’s a considerable amount of time.

QUESTION: I am sure with your schedule there is no such thing as free time, but when you manage to squeeze some time for yourself in what are some things you enjoy doing?

SABRINA: Nothing relaxes me more than a good jigsaw puzzle, believe it or not. My idea of heaven is being able to do nothing but puzzles for a couple of days. I also watch way too much TV, I swim or walk for exercise, I read a variety of books, and I make jewelry. I do some traveling, not as much as I’d like, but I do like visiting new places.

QUESTION: Who are some of your favorite authors you enjoy reading?

SABRINA: I enjoy so many it’s hard to name them all, but a few of them include Johanna Lindsey, Judith McNaught, Loretta Chase, Mary Jo Putney, Rexanne Becnel, Liz Carlyle, Claudia Dain, Deb Marlowe, Jennifer Crusie, Susan Elizabeth Philips, Elizabeth Lowell . . . I could go on for quite a while.

QUESTION: Some readers may not know that your son, Nick, was diagnosed with autism and you have become a big advocate for helping people understand exactly what autism is and how people can learn more about it. Where can readers find more information?

SABRINA: There’s a link on my website (in the author section) that talks all about Nick and autism. There are also links on the page that may help people find more useful information about the disorder. Just go here. (use this URL to link :

QUESTION: How can readers contact you and learn more about your books?

SABRINA: I have a website:, which has all kinds of tidbits about my books as well as a sign-up form for my fun monthly newsletter. I’m also on Facebook, and we’re working on a free Iphone app for me (it is already available for Android phones; Iphone users should see it in the Iphone app store this week). And I regularly participate in The Goddess Blogs (, which is a fun group of 10 bestselling romance authors who blog together. No matter how you find me, I always enjoy hearing from readers!

In honor of this week’s release of A Hellion in Her Bed, I have a collectible Hellion in Her Bed deck of cards and an autographed copy of my first book in The Hellion of Halstead Hall series, The Truth About Lord Stoneville, for one commentor today!

Thank you so much Sabrina for spending some time with us. It was a pleasure having you here, and we hope you come back again real soon. We will be drawing a winner for the great prizes Sabrina is offering on Sunday, September 26 so make sure you leave a comment to get a chance to win.

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Review: Alien Embrace by Tracy St. John

Alien Embrace
by: Tracy St. John
$5.50 ebook
New Concepts Publishing
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: December 2010

All Amelia wants to do is escape from her bitter past on Earth, and it's tyrannical religious puritan government. After traveling to the planet Plasius, she's finally free to relax and work on her paintings. At a party to honor one of her paintings, she sees a clan of three Kalquorians. While she finds them attractive, she's been told to stay away from them. Rumor has it their species is dying, and the only way to save themselves is to find a compatible species to mate with.

When they corner her later that evening, she's terrified, not sure what they want with her. They only want to show her all the pleasures of the flesh, pleasures her government and upbringing taught her were sinful. They kidnap her, intending to claim her as their mate, but Amelia has other ideas.

Can Amelia get over her strict upbringing long enough to possibly find true happiness with the Kalquorians, or will it keep her from attaining the one thing she's wanted most—true acceptance.

All I can say is, get out the hose, because this book set me on fire. I've only been reading erotica for the past couple months, and this one was a scorcher. The great thing is, it was well written. Tracy St. John was able to keep my attention through the whole story, without getting that repetitive feeling you sometimes get with lots of sex scenes. Her version of Earth was very creative. On Earth, you are only allowed to have sex after you're married, and only to have kids. Anything else is harshly punished, often resulting in death. Sex is viewed as dirty and sinful, and those are the lessons that had been pounded into poor Amelia's head. No wonder she had such hang ups about sex. But with the patience of the Kalquorians, she just might be able to overcome them.
Anyone who's looking for a bone melting erotica with aliens and a little bit of BDSM should give this book a try.

Carla gives this book a

Review: Bloodsworn: Bound by Magic by Kathy Lane

Bloodsworn: Bound by Magic
by: Kathy Lane
$15.99 trade paperback
The Wild Rose Press
Sci-Fi Romance
Released: August 2010

Devlin is a Bloodsworn, and the leader of his people. He knows duty demands he marry whomever the Oracle names, and he dreads having the choice taken from him. When the name of his mate is revealed, he's shocked. The woman picked is not only from a planet called Earth, but she's also his Starmate—the other half of his soul. But how can he, a man of magic, convince a woman who doesn't believe that they're meant to be together?

Avera is a research chemist who's recovering from a horrible attack. When she sees her new neighbor, she can't decide whether to drool or run in fear from his muscular form. Soon, though, she begins to fall for his charms.

But their peace will be short lived, because Devlin's enemies have come to Earth, intent on destroying Devlin's one weakness, his Starmate. And Avera must choose between the life she's always known, and one she never believed existed.

This book did a wonderful job showing that opposites do attract, and love doesn't care about the distances or differences between two people when it's meant to be. This book took me a bit to get into because it bounced around between viewpoints too quickly for me to get a feel for the worlds and characters, but that quickly changed. Once I got over that first hurdle, I was entranced. There was enough action and danger to appease my bloodthirsty side, and enough romance to keep me happy. When I had to put the book down to go to sleep, I ended up awake for an hour, wondering what would happen in the next scene (because of course I stopped right at a critical point in the story), and the first thing I did when I got home from work the next day was go right to the computer to finish the book.  This is one book I wouldn't mind reading again.  This is a great story about what happens when magic meets science. Anyone interested in a solid romance with a lot of action should read this book.

Carla gives this book a

Friday, September 17, 2010

Review: The Executive Officer's Wife by Lila Munro

The Executive Officer's Wife
by: Lila Munro
$5.99 ebook
The Wild Horse Press
Contemporary Romance
Released: August 2010

Libby is the daughter of a career marine. When her's father's latest mission goes bad and he's captured, Libby is left to wait and worry. Fearing for her safety, a security firm is hired to provide round the clock bodyguard duty for her. While Libby doesn't like the idea, she understands the reasons, so she resigns herself to her fate.

But she doesn't expect a drop dead sexy former marine in a stetson hat to be the one to watch over her. The attraction between the two is instant and explosive, which frightens her more than the threats against her life. She was married once before and it ended in disaster, and she refuses to be hurt by anyone ever again.

Chase took the job, not knowing how attracted he'd be to to the body he was supposed to guard. Although he's bound and determined to keep it professional between them, it proves harder and harder as the days go by. He's been burned in relationships before, but can he finally let go of the past to hope for a future with the one woman who ensnares him body, mind and soul?

This book had a good, solid start to it, and I was engrossed from the first page. The character development was very well done, and I was really able to get a feel for the people in the story. Chase and Libby hit it off right away, but because he's supposed to be guarding her from danger, he tries to put distance between them so he can do his job, knowing if he doesn't, his feelings for her might distract him at a crucial moment. But it's impossible for the two to stay away from each other, and a budding romance begins. It's not an easy one, because both of them have secrets and heartbreak in their past that threatens their relationship.  The only thing I had a problem with was that another editorial pass should have been done on the book, because I noticed commas where there should be none, as well as a few misplaced words. The story itself was fine, but I found my fingers itching for the red marker.  Other than that, the story was great, and I'd recommend it for anyone who enjoys contemporary romance with a bit of a military presence in it.

Carla gives this book a

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Torquere Press Celebrates 7th Anniversary! Lets Help Them Celebrate and Win Prizes!!

Torquere Press Celebrates 7th Anniversary!

Seven years?! No, we can hardly believe it either. Seven years of bringing readers the best, the sexiest, the most romantic GLBT fiction. And to celebrate, we're giving away prizes -- great themed gift baskets, gift certificates for free books every day, and a scavenger hunt that will give readers a chance to collect a deck of cards that will win big - -a Nook from Barnes & Noble!

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With bestselling GLBT romance authors like Chris Owen, Tory Temple, Kiernan Kelly, P.D.Singer, Sean Michael, and B.A. Tortuga, you'll have a blast playing along. Just log onto Torquere Press website

Check out the contest page, and start hunting!

So, ya feel lucky, dude? Let's play!

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Review: When Blood Calls by J.K. Beck

When Blood Calls
Shadow Keepers #1
by: J.K. Beck
$7.99 mass market paperback
Bantam Publishing
Paranormal Romance
Released: August 2010

An attorney with a bright future ahead of her, Sara is thrilled with her latest promotion...until she learns her new job is persecuting vampires and other things that go bump in the night. Her first case? A vampire accused of killing numerous people. The problem? Sara just spent an unforgettable night of passion with him, not knowing what or who he was.

Charged with murder in a high-profile case, Lucius doesn't think his luck can get any worse—until he finds out the gorgeous woman he'd spent a night of mind-blowing sex with will be the one to prosecute him.

Now Lucius must try and convince Sara he's not the monster everyone says he is, while trying to figure out who's behind all the recent vampire-related killings. Because every death is making him look more and more guilty, and the ones responsible are determined to see him die...for good this time.

Carla says:

This book is an awesome combination of MIB and Law & Order. I was sucked in from the first page, and left guessing until the last. J.K. Beck has done an amazing job with her world-building, because I can totally see a secret world under our own that enforces the law and metes out punishment on the supernatural community, and the subtle political aspect woven in makes it all the more realistic. The romance was hot and steamy, and the characters were down to earth and believable. I can't wait for the other two in this series to come out.

Carla gives this book a

Annette Says:

I am so glad Carla selected this book I would have missed out on a great book.  From the very beginning you will be hooked and unable to stop reading.  I enjoyed the chemistry between Sara and Lucius regardless of how things look Sara cannot bring herself to believe that he is guilty of the charges and finds herself fighting to prove him innocent regardless of the fact that she is the prosecutor.  I honestly can say I am one person who can't is impatiently waiting for the next two in the series.

Annette gives this book

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Review: In Darkness Bound by Christine Price

In Darkness Bound
by: Christine Price
$4.49 ebook
Carina Press
Paranormal Erotica / GLBT
Released: September 2010

Chris is shocked when he's kidnapped and knocked out, and even more so when he wakes up alone in a cell. Apparently those psychic talents he displayed as a child brought him to the attention of the wrong people, and he's now an unwilling lab rat for a mad doctor intent on gaining Chris's powers for herself.

The one bright spot in his otherwise tormented existence is the mental companionship he finds with Vance, another inmate who's been there over a year. As the days drag by, the two find themselves drawing closer and closer, and realize there's more to their feelings than just friendship.

Chris and Vance are determined to escape, but there's one other person in the facility they want to save, a former inmate-turned-lab assistant. Simon is the only one there who's treated them like human beings, and they can't stomach the idea of leaving him behind.

As their doctor spirals deeper and deeper into madness, they know they must make an escape attempt soon, before it's too late. And considering they're locked in separate cells all the time, it might prove more difficult than they thought...

As I read this book, I felt what it would be like if I was stuck in a cell, people experimenting on me just because I had weird powers. I felt the helplessness and despair, knowing I was never getting out. And then, just when all seemed lost, I connected with a kindred soul, someone to pass the long hours in my cell. But also are the feelings I have for the lab assistant, who calms my battered nerves, and treats me like I actually matter.  I'm glad I was able to read this book, because I can tell Christine Price did her homework on this, and it shows in the beautifully written story I just finished reading. This book is a blend of the real world and the supernatural, so it can be enjoyed by a wide range of readers.

Carla gives this book a

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: Her Heart's Divide by Kathleen Dienne

Her Heart's Divide
by: Kathleen Dienne
$2.69 ebook
Carina Press
Paranormal Erotica
Released: June 2010

Hearing her husband pull into the driveway, Lila runs out to meet him with open arms—but instead of her husband, she finds her boss.

Lila was happily married to Ryan. So why was Jack—her boss—telling her she was married to him?

Apparently, in Jack's world, Lila and Jack are married. Sure, she had a crush on Jack when she first met him, but then she met Ryan, and the rest was history. And okay, she may still think Jack's hot, but that's it. Although with two men claiming to be her husband, she's not too sure what to do. Especially when both men prove to her just how intimately they know what her body craves.

Now she knows exactly what to do...

I was impressed with this story because it was a wonderful blend of plot and romance. There was enough of a back story to keep me interested, and the characters really stood out at me. I could hear them talking in my head while I read the book, and I love when that happens. The love scenes were beautifully executed, with just the right amount of detail to leave you panting for more.  I could gush on and on but I'll merely say, read the book and see for yourself how good it is.

Carla gives this book a

Review: Alien Revealed by Lilly Cain

Alien Revealed
part of the Confederacy Treaty series
by: Lilly Cain
Carina Press
$3.59 e-book
Sci-Fi Erotica

Alinna is part of an intergalactic task force, and her job is to monitor Earth to get a feel for how humans act and behave, and determine if they're ready to find out about other life besides their own. When her ship crash lands on a military base, it looks like she might get more intel than she'd bargained for...

David is part of a group being sent to guard the space around Mars for hostile alien attacks, but before he can do that he must first pass a psych exam. When he gets called out to investigate the crash site, he finds an unconscious woman. Believing her to be the doctor sent to evaluate him, he rushes her back to base to get her patched up.

The attraction between them is immediate and potent. As the days go by, Alinna gets sucked into his dreams, and begins to form a mind link with him. All is going well until a hostile alien ship gets too close to Earth. Suddenly, she must decide which is more important to her—her secrecy, or her heart.

In this world, Earth had developed colonies on Mars, and they send the best pilots to patrol around the new settlement, keeping their eyes open for aliens. What they don't realize is that aliens have been watching them for some time now, waiting for the right time to come forth and offer a treaty and trade agreement. Alinna was tasked with listening in to the radio waves, trying to learn as much as she could. Because she monitored the air base where David works, she feels like she already knows him. Once they meet face to face, even though David doesn't know who she really is, the attraction is immediate, and in their shared dreams they can act out their deepest fantasies.  This is a wonderful story about sacrifice, obligation, duty, honor, and above all else, love. I would recommend this for fans of romantic science fiction looking for a mid-length story that will whisk them away into the stars for a few hours.

Carla gives this book a

Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: Until Emie by Gabriella Edwards

Until Emie
by: Gabriella Edwards
$2.50 ebook
Red Sage Publishing
Romantic Suspense
Released: September 2010

Emie had lusted after Cut for years, but when he turned her down, it was more than she could bear. Running away to Europe seemed like a good idea at the time, but even after seven years, she was unable to get the man out of her thoughts. Coming home for her father's wedding meant she'd get to see him again, but she wasn't sure if she was dreading it...or looking forward to it.

Cut had wanted Emie when she first came to him, but he turned her away because she was too young. Although it about killed him to do it, he knew it was the right decision. But having to spend seven years watching her make headlines over her wild, party-girl life, always with one man or another, was more than he could take. Now that she was back with him, he intended to show her the error of his ways, and prove to her once and for all his feelings for her.

When Cut learns Emie might be involved with the death of his brother, he's horrified. Determined to get the information out of her one way or the other, he sets out to seduce her, but can he keep his heart out of the equation?

This book was a nice, quick read, with a good plot and solid characters. The sexual tension between Cut and Emie was immediate and hot, giving you a good feel for how long these feelings had been brewing. There was enough action (in and out of the bedroom) to keep me turning the pages, and the ending was a nice surprise twist I didn't see coming, which is always fun. I love it when I'm totally wrong on my guess at the end of a book.  All in all, it was a quick, easy read, and anyone who likes a little bit of suspense mixed into their romance, and wants a nice, short story, should give it a try.

Carla gives this book a

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Winners of the Kate Douglas contest

The Kate Douglas contest is now closed, and the winners are...

vitch36 and night owl in IL! 

Congratulations, and thanks so much for participating!  Please email with your name and mailing address.


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Review: Sureblood by Susan Grant

Borderlands #4
by: Susan Grant
$7.99 mass market paperback
Sci-Fi Romance
Released: August 2010

As a space pirate, Val's job is to “commandeer” enough loot to help feed her clan, the Blues. When their latest raid is interrupted by the Surebloods, a rival pirate clan, she's furious. Determined to tell their leader, Dake, exactly how she feels, she's stopped short by the rugged handsomeness of the Sureblood's leader.

One night of passion ends in disaster when her father is murdered, and all signs point to the Surebloods. However, Dake is captured before he can clear his clan's name. After five years imprisonment, the only thing Dake wants to do is get back to the fiery redhead he spent one incredible night with, and work on uniting their two clans.

But can their mistrust be set aside long enough to work together? For there are enemies lurking in the shadows, determined to see war brew between the clans. And they don't have any quelms about using the one thing both Val and Dake cherish about the most to crush their spirits...their son.

Susan Grant is one of my favorite sci-fi romance authors, and this book just proves my faith has not been misplaced. She had a knack for seamlessly blending intrigue, suspense, and romance to tell a story that leaves you on the edge of the seat. I've often found myself swearing at the characters, wondering how they could be so dense at times. The world building makes me feel like I'm riding along with the characters, exploring the galaxy with them.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who likes not only science fiction, but a wonderful love story, as well.

Carla gives this book a

Review: Sculpting a Demon by Lisa Fox

Sculpting a Demon
by: Lisa Fox
$4.45 ebook
Ellora’s Cave
Paranormal Erotica
Released: August 2010

Lila has only one love her art so when her friend convinces her to do a love spell to find her true love she laughs it off as nothing more than a fun time and a joke that is until she wakes up the next morning with a sexy man lying beside her in bed.

Arien was an angel until he managed to get himself cast out of heaven and now is a demon in hell. Bored with life he suddenly hears the voice of a siren calling to him and is unable to stop from following the voice and finds himself staring at a beautiful woman.

Even though Lila discovers Arien is a demon it does not stop her from wanting him but when Arien discovers the true nature of Lila’s spell he knows that he will be in big trouble when he is found and taken back to hell. Will Lila’s love be able to save Arien or will he be back in his world and tortured for what he had done?

SCULPTING A DEMON is hot, sexy and fun. Arien has a wicked sense of humor for a demon that will have you chuckling and Lila is smart enough and quick witted to have a come back for him every time. Once I began reading I had to finish it.

Annette gives this book a rating of:

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Interview with Kate Douglas

Today we have with us paranormal romance/erotica author Kate Douglas. Kate, thanks for taking time out to chat. I see you've got a couple books coming out within the next month, Hellfire on August 31st and Nocturnal on September 7th. Can you tell us a little bit about each one?

HellFire is the second book in my DemonSlayers series—this one features the Lemurian Alton of Artigos, and 911 operator Ginny Jones, both introduced in DemonFire. Alton is worried about Ginny’s safety when demons threaten to overrun the small town of Evergreen, at the base of Mt. Shasta, where Ginny lives, so he gives her a hypnotic compulsion to go and visit her cousins in Sedona, Arizona. Alton thinks he’s sending Ginny out of harm’s way, but instead he’s dropped her right in the middle of the newest demon invasion. As soon as he realizes what he’s done, Alton heads to Sedona to protect the beautiful woman he can’t stop thinking of, and he and Ginny end up in a true fight for their lives. This story has some twists and turns I really wasn’t expecting, and I think readers will love Ginny. She’s not one to take any sh*& off ANYONE, especially this tall blond dude who thinks he knows what’s best for her.

The story I’ve got in the Nocturnal anthology is called Crystal Dreams. It’s also part of the DemonSlayers series and takes place about the same time as Ginny and Alton are fighting demons in Sedona. However Crystal Dreams, the small crystal shop in Evergreen, is the site of this demonic battle—Mari Schwartz is running the store for her mom while her father recovers from surgery. Mari’s always denied her magical heritage, but when she knocks out an almost seven foot tall guy she thinks is attacking her, all her long-held beliefs are shattered. Darius of Kronus is way too real to be merely a myth, and he’s just saved her from something that really can’t exist. Not only are demons after Mari, she discovers she’s an even more powerful witch than her mother, which is a very good thing, since she and Darius are all that stand between demonkind and the citizens of Evergreen.

What was the inspiration that made you pick up that pen (or sit down in front of the computer) and decide to write?

I’ve always loved to write. I come from a family of diary keepers and writers, though everyone else wrote for pleasure, not publication. My first job out of college was writing commercials for a country western radio station in Turlock, California in 1972. I like to think I’ve moved up the employment ladder since then, but I’ve always been a writer at heart. Once I discovered romances and fell in love with the genre, I knew that I wanted to create my own stories.

What do you think is the best part about writing? The worst?

I’m asked this question a lot, and all I can say is, there is no worst. I love writing. Love every bit of the process, from coming up with the ideas, to writing the stories, to revisions and copy edits and seeing that final book on the shelf in the store. I love hearing from my readers, going to conferences, and reading books written by other authors. It’s all good.

How much time are you given to write a book, from draft to finished product, or does it vary depending on the contract you're currently under?

I’ve been under contract with Kensington since late 2005, with my first book, Wolf Tales, coming out in January 2006. Since that time, I’ve written fourteen novels and ten novellas for anthologies, plus a few short stories for various charitable anthologies. I’ve had a new book out every three months since the first book released, which means I have approximately three months between books, though it doesn’t always work out quite that neatly! Right now I’m writing Wolf Tales 12, which is due August 15, and then I’ll start CrystalFire, due November 1, but I usually figure on about two months to write each one. Remember, there’s also a lot of other stuff going on—copy edits and page proofs for books in production, promotional efforts (blogs like this, Facebook, letters for bookclubs, etc.) and lots of things that take up time. Answering email alone takes me all morning. I work seven days a week, but like I said earlier, it’s all good. I can’t imagine enjoying anything else as much.

I know several of your stories are in anthologies with other authors. Do you have any control over who those other authors are, or is that entirely up to the publisher?

Just about everything in this business is up to the publisher, though we, as authors, can make suggestions and our editors will do their best to fulfill our requests. I tend to leave those decisions entirely to my publisher—they’re in this business to make money, and I doubt they’re going to intentionally put out a bad product. Authors can propose anthologies with other authors of their choice, but I haven’t had time to even think along those lines. It’s been a really REALLY busy five years!

You mainly write erotica. Have you had any opposition from people because of what you write?

Well, my 89 year old mother’s not real happy, but it’s not the sex—she has trouble with books where people turn into animals! Actually, my email is amazingly positive. At first I got some shocked emails, but those who have stayed with the series and know the characters have gotten past their surprise and realize that the graphic sex is just a small part of the overall series. The stories are about family and love and the ability of love to heal what’s broken. I think that message is stronger than the explicit sex, which is very much a part of the characters’ personas. Plus, I get WONDERFUL thank you notes from men who love the fact their wives read my books, and even nicer notes from women who have their spouses reading the parts about foreplay...I like to think I’m doing something good for relationships around the globe...

Kate, I'd like to thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. Annette and I both wish you lots of success with your upcoming releases, and any others in the future.

Thank you! I really do appreciate the opportunity to talk about my books. I hope readers will take a chance on my DemonSlayers series. DemonFire was the first, HellFire the second and Nocturnal/Crystal Dreams is part of the story, though not integral to the series as a whole. However, the characters introduced in Crystal Dreams will show up in StarFire, the next in the series that releases in April 2011. I hope you’ll be able to find a couple of winners for me—they’ll receive a copy of either HellFire or DemonFire, along with a stuffed dog that looks just like Bumper, the pit bull/poodle cross from the series.

You can visit Kate's site at

Demonslayers series

Recent anthology books

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Review: The Promise by Brenda Joyce

The Promise
de Warenne Dynasty #13
by: Brenda Joyce
$7.99 mass market paperback
Historical Romance
Released: September 2010

Elysse O’Neill has always been best-friends with Alexi de Warrene since they were kids. Now all grown up and Alexi is home after a two year absence she finds her feeling may be changing towards Alexi. When she decides to try to make him jealous with his friend the outcome is not what she intended Alexi kills his friend and finds himself married to Elysse.

Nine years without a word from her husband Elysse finds that Alexi is back and she is going to make sure that he keeps up with the lie she created that they are happily married. Alexi on the other hand is not so willing to forgive and forget what happened he is content with his marriage of convenience besides his wife has her lovers and he has his.

As Elysse fights to retain her reputation and to keep her one secret from her husband she discovers that she still loves Alexi can she make him realize that all is not lost and that their marriage is worth fighting for or will she lose him again?

THE PROMISE is heart wrenching, tender and everything you could ask for in a romance. At times I will admit I wanted to jump in the book and hit Alexi up side the head. The pain Elysse lives with and the cover she puts up in front of everyone to make it look like she is who and what she really isn’t. I fell in love with this story it was not your typical girl meets boy and they fall in love it has so much more that I just could not put it down. Brenda Joyce is an amazing storyteller and I look forward to reading many more of her stories to come.

Annette gives this book a rating of:

Review: Tracker's Sin by Sarah McCarty

Tracker’s Sin
Hell's Eight #4
by: Sarah McCarty
$13.95 trade paperback
Harlequin Spice
Historical Erotica
Released: October 2010

Tracker is being sent on a mission to find the woman he knows belongs to him but he also knows he can never have her as because his past will catch up with him someday. He may be a ranger now but he cannot forget where he came from and that at one time he was an outlaw.

Ari knows only what she has been told, she is a widow and her young son is all she has left. What she is about to learn is that it is all a lie. When Tracker arrives she knows he is more than what he says and when he kidnaps her she knows her life is about to change forever.

Unknown to Ari is that Tracker is doing what he must to protect her and her child’s lives. With her memories repressed it is up to Tracker to keep them safe and to reach Hell’s Eight before it is to late and hold out hope that when her memories come back that he will be there to help her through the pain.

McCarty continues her Hell’s Eight Series with another wonderful tale of love conquering all. The chemistry between Tracker and Ari is so tender but yet as all characters they have their moments where you want to give them an attitude adjustment. As with her other Hell’s Eight men this book is definately a must read and deserves a spot on the keeper shelf.

Annette gives this book a rating of: