Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: Surrender by Heather Peters

by: Heather Peters
$4.00 ebook
Noble Romance Publishing
Contemporary Erotica
Released: August 2010

Isabella Chandler will do whatever it takes to save her father and their business including crawling to the man she walked away from five years before and asking for a loan. In all her confidence she was not expecting his terms.

Lyon Sauvage could not believe Isabella had the nerve to show up in his office to ask for his help after breaking his heart years ago. Of course he will give her what she needs but it is going to cost her a price he wonders if she will be willing to pay. His price a weekend alone with him or the deal is off.

Desperate Isabella has no choice but to agree to Lyon’s terms but what does he expect from her and can she keep her heart intact after he is done with her.

Heather Peters has written a story of love given a second chance strong and determined Isabella who is afraid to ever give her heart and stronger and more determined Lyon who never got his back from Isabella. I was sad to see the story end it was hot and full of romance.

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  1. Annette, thanks so much for the lovely review of Surrender; it was such a pleasure writing a contemporary 'Beauty and the Beast' erotic romance, and Im glad you enjoyed the love affair of Lyon and Isabella.

  2. Your welcome Heather. Thank you for a wonderful love story I normally am not a huge fan of contemporary but once in a while one comes along I cannot pass up and Surrender was one of those.