Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Rajmund by D.B. Reynolds

Vampires in America #3
by: D.B. Reynolds
$16.00 trade paperback
ImaJinn Books
Urban Fantasy
Released: July 2010

Sarah Stratton is having the dreams again something that has not happened since she was a teen, a young woman is in trouble possibly even more than one but if she tells anyone they will learn her secret and who she really is. When she learns a vampire may be involved she decides to use her connections to try and track down the missing women and finds herself coming face to face to a vampire she only met once but was strongly attracted to.

Rajmund Gregor is called back to Buffalo by his Sire to get to the bottom of the police accusations that a vampire is involved in the disappearance of three women. Knowing that his Sire Krystof is losing control of his territory Rajmund has a secret motive for being there but first he must do as he is commanded and find out who is behind these disappearances. What he did not expect to find was that Sarah was involved and she was keeping things from him. He knew after their first encounter that she was his but he was not going to take the chance of losing her to his enemies so he must do everything he can to keep her at arms length.

When Sarah convinces Raj to include her in his search things become more complicated and when Sarah continues to keep her secrets and lies to Raj as well as accusing him of things he did not do the tension becomes unbearable for them both but yet they cannot seem to stay away from each other. But, Sarah decides to finish this on her own and puts her life in danger can Raj overcome his anger and hurt to save her and will they ever find the women in time? And what about Krystof and the ruling of the Northeast will Raj be able to win the battle or will he find his life forfeit just when he may have something to live for.

One word “Amazing” D.B. Reynolds has done it again. For those who have read books one and two do not be disappointed that Raphael and Cyn only have a guest appearance in this book because Rajmund and Sarah are their own stars. I could not put this down until I finished it from cover to cover. It will keep you second guessing yourself as to who is the kidnapper.  You will find yourself calling Raj all kinds of names just like Sarah does but you will also feel his pain from those words. If like me you will also sit there and yell at Sarah to just open up to him and tell him the truth. I am so glad to hear that there will be more to come in this series from this awesome author.

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