Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review: Gambit by Kim Knox

by: Kim Knox
$4.99 ebook
Carina Press
Sci-Fi Romance
Released: September 2010

Chae is a mercenary, willing to take on risky jobs as long as the price is right. She prides herself on her lack of personal attachments. All that changes when she's offered a job with a huge payout. All she has to do is smuggle a Ladaian male onto a heavily guarded planet to prevent a civil war. Peace of cake, right?
One look at Daned is enough to ignite Chae and make her crave his touch. And what's better, he will pose as her sex slave in order to get him past the planet's security. What starts out as a ruse turns into something very real, and Chae must decide if she's willing to open up her heart and risk getting hurt.
With enemies closing in and wanting to see both of them dead, she must somehow find a way to keep them alive long enough to complete the mission. But life is never that easy, as she's about to discover...

This story was jam-packed with action, adventure, and steamy sex. The book flowed great, and I was sad when it ended. Daned and Chae had a great dynamic, bouncing off each other at times, but ultimately propping each other up and filling in the holes. They're stronger as a team, but they're both stubborn enough to not notice at first. The odds are quite often overwhelming, but they manage to struggle through no worse for the wear.  This is a great book for fans of romantic science fiction. It was easy to read and very enjoyable.
Carla gives this book a

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