Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Review: Freedom's Promise by Lisa Pietsch

Freedom's Promise
Task Force 125 #3
by: Lisa Pietsch
$5.50 e-book
Sapphire Blue Publishing
Romantic Suspense
Released: July 2010

Vince has been kidnapped, and Sarah, along with the members of American Swift, must rescue him.  Their goverment has turned their back on Vince, so it's up to them to rescue their fellow teammate and friend.  To do so, they must call in favors from everyone they know, while trying to stay under the government's radar.

Sarah must set her feelings for Vince aside and focus on her training if she hopes to bring the man she loves back to her...alive.

This book was unexpectantly enjoyable, which is my favorite kind.  The action and plot swept me up and carried me to the end of the book, with hardly a bump along the way.  I love a book with lots of action and danger, and this book provided it in spades.  This is the third book in the series, and I would recommend anyone who's interested read the other two first, because this book jumped right in, leaving me with questions I'm sure the first two were able to answer.  Basically, in this book, Vince has been kidnapped and the government said "Vince who?  We don't know of any Vince."  So the team was left on their own, knowing if they got caught they'd lose their jobs, and quite possibly get jail time for it.  But since Vince is one of their own, they plow right ahead, not caring of the consequences, because they never leave a man behind.  Anyone who likes military-type stories as well as a little romance should definitely check this book out.

Carla gives this book a

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