Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review: Desperate Hearts by Diane Story

Desperate Hearts
by: Diane Story
$16.95 trade paperback
Whiskey Creek Press
Historical Romance
Released: September 2010

Chantel Aubuchon was going to do what ever it took to save her town from the mining company that was slowly killing the land. Even if it means holding up the coach with a load of gold from the man who owned the mines and taking what she feels rightly belongs to the people.

Harper Barnes finds himself at gun point by a set of eyes he is likely to never forget and when he discovers they belong to the town’s mayor. He has decided he doesn’t just want his gold back but he wants the feisty mayor along with it.

What neither of them realize is that there is someone out to take everything for himself the land, the gold and Chantel. Will Harper and Chantel be able to put their feud aside and find that there is more to their feelings for each before it is too late? As Harper soon discovers wherever Chantel goes trouble is sure to follow so it is up to him to keep her safe.

DESPERATE HEARTS is one of the true Western Historical Romances it has all you need a stubborn woman a handsome hero and its fair share of ups and downs. The characters seem to jump right out of the book at you and hold you trapped in their story. It has been a while since I have read a good western romance and I can honestly say this one was worth being the first in that long absence.

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