Sunday, August 29, 2010

Review: Daryk Hunter by Denise A. Agnew

Daryk Hunter
Daryk World #1
by: Denise A. Agnew
$6.99 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Fantasy Erotica
Released: July 2010

On her way to save her father, Ketera's ship crashes. She awakens on a beach, in the arms of a handsome stranger. Her gratitude soon turns to horror when she realizes he's a Dragonian, a mortal enemy to her people. Although he's not to be trusted, he makes her feel things she knows she shouldn't. In her culture, pleasure is a sin, so she tries to deny the rising attraction for Dane, and fails. In his arms, she finds ecstasy she never knew was possible.

Although her body responds to his erotic caresses, she must guard her heart, for falling in love with the enemy is impossible. She must go back to Magonia and rescue her father from jail before he's executed. To do that, she must rely on Dane's help if she hopes to make it back in time.

Dangerous perils await, as a religious group tries to start a civil war, and she and Dane are caught in the middle. For the leader of the rebellion is Dane's half brother, and he's not above using a Mongonian as bait to lure his brother into a trap...

Even though Daryk Hunter is part of the Ellora's Cave Aeon line, I would say this is more fantasy than science fiction. It has the feel of a far off world of long ago, where wars were fought with sword and shield, not guns and bombs. The story gives you a good solid feel for the history and animosity of the two cultures sharing the world. With the differences between the two, you can understand why a war is brewing, and why the two are going to erupt soon.  The Magonians are a society that teaches its citizens to repress all emotions, especially lust. The Dragonians embrace their emotions, and are viewed as barbaric because of it. Ketera is the epitome of innocence when she first meets Dane, but we begin to see glimpses of the strong woman buried under all the lies her society has heaped on her. Denise Agnew's humanization of not only Ketera, but Dane as well, really helps to suck you into the story, letting you feel the emotions as you follow them on their adventures.  I enjoyed reading this book, and anyone who likes love stories in the age of dragons and swords will enjoy this book as well.

Carla gives this book a

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review Carla! I very much appreciate it. :)

    Denise A. Agnew