Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: Black Ice by Angelika Devlyn

Black Ice
The Dark Kingdom Chronicles
by: Angelika Devlyn
$9.52 ebook
Chimera Books Ltd.
Fantasy Erotica
Released: June 2010

Ronnie had no idea that the man in her dreams was real and that he was watching her. For years Ronnie has been trying to find answers to who she is and about her parents, she is soon to discover all her answers but will she be able to accept what she finds.

Prometheus is a Destaurian Guard was sent to watch over Ronnie from the day she was born now a woman he finds he cannot wait for her any longer. When Ronnie has an accident it is his perfect chance to take her and wipe her memories of her past. It is time for Ronnie to take her place as the host for Hope and to prevent Pandora from obtaining the magic box of Destiny.
Kidnapped and angry Ronnie fights Theo on everything he says and does even though the voice inside her head tells her trust him that this is her destiny. But, this cannot be real and the things that Theo demands her to do she could not possibly do. Now it is a question of who will win this battle or will they both lose?

BLACK ICE is the debut book of Angelika Devlyn and a story anyone who enjoys Greek mythology and very hot sex scenes will thoroughly enjoy. I did have some problems in the beginning trying to get into the story but I will admit I am not huge on mythology but I did enjoy the erotic tone of the book as well as the battle of wills between Theo who is used to his every command being obeyed and Ronnie who will fight him every step of the way. I would find myself getting mad at Theo right along with Ronnie at his coldness and sometimes even his treatment of her.
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