Saturday, July 10, 2010

Review: Seduce the Darkness by Gena Showalter

Seduce the Darkness
Alien Huntress #6
by: Gena Showalter
ISBN# 9781416531647
$7.99 mass market paperback
Pocket Star Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: June 2009

Bride is the only vampire she knows of. Desperate to find answers about her kind, her path crosses with Devyn, who claims to have the answers she needs. His price? One night of unadulterated sex. She refuses him, knowing the knowledge she craves isn't worth the heartache he'll cause.

Devyn makes no secret of his womanizing ways, and has never had a problem bedding a woman. Until now. He's floored when Bride refuses him, and is determined to change her mind. But while he tries to woo her out of her pants, other emotions he'd thought he locked away surface, making him rethink everything he once knew.

Bride's blood has the power to stop the alien virus killing people. As the stakes escalate, so does the passion burning between her and Devyn. She wants to do the right thing, but giving up her blood will mean giving up her freedom, as well as the conceited alien who's managed to worm his way into her heart.

Three books in this series, three days. Tell you anything? I've said it before, I'll say it again—Gena Showalter's books rock.  I loved the arrogance of Devyn. Just because women threw themselves at his feet in the past, he expects Bride to do the same. Boy, he was in for a shock when she refused him. That just made him more determined, but he never expected to develop feelings for her. Feelings, to him, were a waste of time and energy, and nothing good could come from them. As the story progresses, he realizes how wrong he is, and when she's ripped from his side, it almost destroys him.  I'm devastated I have to wait until the end of October for the newest book in this series. But that's okay, because I've got two more to read by her. So off I go to curl up on the couch with my cats and another book I know I'll love.

Carla gives this book a

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