Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: Living Proof by J.L. Wilson

Living Proof
New Human Intercession #2
by: J.L. Wilson
$6.25 e-book
Wild Rose Press
Sci-Fi Romance
Released: July 2010

Dru and Jak are co-leaders on their planet. When Jak announces he wants to make an excursion to one of the uncharted northern regions, Dru decides to tag along, not trusting Jak's motives. But while watching him, she realizes he's smart, strong, and compassionate—all the things she's not. She's drawn to him on a level she can't understand, and is afraid to think about why.

Jak admires Dru's strength and leadership capabilities, and wants to get to know the woman hiding behind the political mask. But that will have to wait, because friends are becoming enemies, enemies are becoming friends, and the future of everything they've worked for is about to collapse around them. Can they overcome the obstacles thrown at them to have a future together?

This book is about political intrigue, betrayal, hope, and love. Dru has a hard time trusting people, and although she's physically attracted to Jak, she's afraid to let herself open up for fear of being hurt. Jak has lusted after Dru, but he's wary of her because of her distrust of his family clan. When the opportunity to chart a northern region arises, he jumps on it, and Dru tags along. They don't trust each other, but there are enemies out there determined to take them down.  There were a lot of names thrown around in this book that got me a bit confused, and I had a hard time with the layers of political intrigue. Other than that, I enjoyed reading the book.

Carla gives this book a

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