Friday, June 18, 2010

Review: Decadent Deception by Keta Diablo

Decadent Deception
by: Keta Diablo
$5.95 ebook
Noble Romance Publishing
Historical Erotica
Released: October 2008

Olivia Breedlove’s father has left her miserable even after his death. His will states she must wed within six months to an upstanding gentleman or lose her inheritance and rely on her brother’s good graces. Well, her father may get her to marry even from the grave but she will make sure the man she does marry knows what he is doing in the bedroom.

Morgan Gatewood has loved Olivia for years but when they were caught he refused to stand up to her father and fight for what he wanted causing him to lose Olivia’s love. Unable to be around her he leaves the country, now he is back and is ready to go for what he wants, Olivia. But, he does not meet the critereia set by her father's will.  When he finds out what she has planned he volunteers to get her entrance into the local brothel, but no man will touch her except him.

As Olivia and Morgan have a battle of wills the soon discover someone is killing the women at the brothel and now the killer is after Olivia. Morgan will do everything to keep her safe and prove to her that he is the man she always believed him to be but will she live to enjoy his love.

Keta Diablo brings a wonderful story of love overcoming obstacles of trust and the past. Olivia and Morgan are quite the pair with their in the face attitudes towards each other, both fighting for what they want when it is the same goal for them both, they want each other but Olivia is to stubborn to admit it. Decadent Deception is for anyone who wants a good historical with the suspense of who the killer is, a real page turner it keeps you wondering all the way to the end.

Annette gives this book a


  1. Sounds like an excellent read!

  2. Hi RomFan,

    Thanks so much for reviewing Decadent Deceptions. I had so much writing about Olivia and Morgan.

    I look forward to visiting you blog often and know as you grow it will only get better and better.

    Great job, Keta