Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lovely note from Nicole Jordan

Wonderful historical romance author Nicole Jordan sent me this message via email today and wanted to share with our readers:

Hi Annette! That's very kind of you to review my books. And yes, please feel free to link to my website! Oh, and best of luck with your new blog/review site! It's readers like you who keep us authors employed. *Grin*

Here's some more info for you, in case you haven't seen it yet:

The Courtship Wars continue! This sexy, fun series focuses on the delicious sparks that fly when Regency lovers play the matrimonial mating game. Current books are entitled TO PLEASURE A LADY, TO BED A BEAUTY, TO SEDUCE A BRIDE, TO ROMANCE A CHARMING ROGUE, and TO TAME A DANGEROUS LORD. Visit to view the covers and read descriptions and excerpts.

TO TAME A DANGEROUS LORD is now in bookstores! In Book 5 of The Courtship Wars series, a former spymaster weds a plain spinster purely for convenience but gets more than he bargains for when his new bride becomes a bold seductress in their marriage bed.

I've recently updated my website at with lots of info about TO TAME A DANGEROUS LORD, including Chapter One, new blogs from Madeline and Rayne in my Character Gallery, and a downloadable bookmark. And my Future Books page has the scoop on Tess's story, the sixth and final Courtship Wars romance. Also, be sure to enter my monthly contests hosted by to win cool stuff, and check out my Hot News page for regularly updated news.

If you'll sign my guestbook or mailing list, your e-mail addy will automatically be added to my mailing list so I can keep you up to date.

And lastly, is a delightful place to hang out! I'm blogging with a wonderfully fun group of authors about life, love, romance, books, heroes and heroines, and everything else under the sun. Please join Sabrina Jeffries, Claudia Dane, Suzanne Enoch, Julia London, Karen Hawkins, Madeline Hunter, Lori Handeland, Karen Rose, Rachel Gibson, and me for a great time.

Thanks so much for writing and making me smile.


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