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Interview with Keta Diablo

I would like to start out by thanking everyone for stopping by our new blog. To celebrate we have with us today author Keta Diablo. Keta has over fifteen books to her resume and many more to come. Welcome Keta.

Thanks so much for having me at your new lovely blog. Wishes for much success!

Thank you, you have been a wonderful supporter since the minute I mentioned our plans to start the page and even volunteered to do an interview to kick off the site. So here we go…..

You originally started out writing Historical Erotica what inspired you to begin writing M/M Romance?

Actually, Annette, I began writing sensual romance, a mix of historical and paranormal. When the publishers asked for erotic romance, I concentrated more on the sexual aspect of scenes and read a lot of erotic romance. And then I branched off into reading gay fiction. At that time, I was very curious about the emotional side of relationships and wondered how men would react in certain situations. I think I discovered that men in just about all aspects of life are more direct and rather than stew and analyze a situation will for the most part say what they think. Quite directly.

For instance, I've been blessed with raising both boys and girls. If you ask a girl if she took a toy away from her friend, she might hem and haw, and likely you won't get a direct response. Yet, if I asked my boys the same question they'd say, "Yes, and here's why." I think that carries over into their adult relationships and I adore frankness. I became very curious about the differences between men and women in a relationship and wondered how they might react when confronted with similar angst or dilemmas.

Tell us a little about your new releases Magnolia Heat coming next week June 14th and Blood Oath being released on June 20th?

Thanks so much for asking! Both are male/male novellas. Magnolia Heat is a historical and Blood Oath a vampire. Here are the blurbs for the books which I think best explains the story line.

Blood Oath – Coming June 20th from Amber Quill Press. Link to web site:

When Kale MacDonald's beloved grandmother dies, she leaves him a letter urging him to travel to Savannah, GA to find his destiny. Kale is confronted by a strange, decadent man who appears to be stalking him. He's also confronted by a trio of rogue vampires intent on killing him. Mystery and danger collide in the City of Secrets, and no one is who they appear to be.

Magnolia Heat, Gay Fiction, Noble Romance,

Coming in June 14th

Craven and his friend Anthony discover they're in over their heads the night they're caught spying on Beresford Hall. When Craven meets the dark, mysterious Dominic Beresford, he wonders if fate really does step in to take you by surprise when you least expect. Sizzling Heat. Bondage. Man Love. A male/male historical that will leave you breathless.

You have several books coming up in the future with Phaze and Noble Publishing can you give us any hints to what the books are about?

About a year ago I started a series for Phaze called CROSSROADS. The main character in this book is a private investigator, and one I might add, who was not very likable in the first book. There has been a lot of discussion about Frank McGuire. Reviewers have analyzed, chastised and lauded his personality. I anticipated this and am willing to take the flack along with the praise for my characterization of Frank. I don’t write cookie-cutter characters and take some risks in pushing them to the limit. There is also a “forced seduction” scene in the first Crossroads book which was also very controversial. I intended to write the novella this way and intended to write Frank the way I saw him, warts and all. Let’s face it, all people come with blemishes, flaws and to fictionalize them as perfect would be an injustice I think.

I wrote the first three novellas in the series and readers wanted more of Frank and Rand. Phaze just released the fourth novella and two more will be released in August and November respectively. Due to the popularity of the series, the first three were combined and are now available in print at Phaze here:

I adore Noble Romance and have been with them since they started up several years ago. I don’t see that changing. I write mostly male/male for Noble too, however I do have an erotic romance available titled Decadent Deceptions. Of all the books I’ve written, DD is the book of my heart. The full-length novel finaled in the 2008 Molly Contest and has done very well in the market. Noble just released The Devil’s Heel (a best-seller at All Romance Ebooks) under my name, a male/male/pirate and of course, Magnolia Heat will be released on the 14th of June and Lip Service, male/male/contemporary on the 5th of July. My projects are ongoing with Noble Romance so you’ll have to check my male/male blog to see what’s coming next (

I’d like to also mention the wonderful Decadent Publishing owned by Samantha Gail. DP will open August 1st and I’ve written a male/male western called Long, Hard Ride for their debut.

And the best news! Mr. Romance, Charles Paz, has signed on with Decadent Publishing and will be designing most of their covers. You can find more information here about Charles and his photography:

You have a variety in the books you write out of all the genres do you have a preference?

I’m often asked this question. Writing is fickle (lol). My preference is erotic romance and yet the male/male seems much easier to write for me. If you can figure that one out, please e-mail me and tell me why.

What do you like most about writing? What about the one thing you hate about it?

I love the freedom that comes with writing, particularly in the summer months. I live in the Midwest where winters are brutal, but we have the loveliest weather in spring and summer. I enjoy being outdoors and if I want to stop writing in the middle of the afternoon and head up the local town that has the most delicious ice cream cones in the country, I don’t feel the least bit guilty. And I love to garden, mostly flowers, and I don’t think I’d have the time to spend in my garden if I worked a fulltime job out of the home.

There’s nothing I “hate” about writing, but like all writers I agonize over the words, the sentences and the stories. You’d be surprised how many times I hit the delete button, wiping out an entire scene because I’ve convinced myself a third grader can write better than me. The stories you might think are really good possibly aren’t for readers and the ones I question, have done very well for me. So again, if you figure this out, drop me an e-mail so I know the secret.

This one is more for Carla who is having the battle of her life with one of her characters. Do you ever find you cannot seem to connect with a character?

LOL – see above. The answer is yes. When that happens, I put the story away for a bit and try to walk inside his/her skin. I’m not necessarily talking about whether or not I like the character, but rather something is not right with his dialogue or actions. As in, Frank would never say or do that and you know that, Keta. That’s a disconnection of a sort and until I figure out how Frank would react, I stop writing. Often I don’t name my characters until I’m halfway through the book. I have a need to make sure the name suits the character. Unfortunately, I was the same way when my children were born. Dylan, my youngest wasn’t named for four days. The nurses started to panic and came into my room at least three times a day – birth record in hand. I told them not to panic, that I would name the baby as soon as I spent some time with him/her and determined what name suited them best. After all, a name is something you carry with you for the rest of your life, and a character must sometimes carry their name through an entire series. I can’t see Frank as a Brandon, for instance.

If we were given a peek at your book collection what authors would we find?

Oh, no, you’ll not likely catching me naming favorites. I have so many. I read in a wide variety of genres. How about if I tell you what I’m reading right now and you won’t know whether it’s my first read by that author or whether I buy all her/his books? And yes, I often have 4-5 books going at once. What can I say, it’s me and my short attention span?

The Bronze Horseman, Pauline Simons
Rage Against Heaven, Fred Mustard Stewart
Lord of Sin, Madeline Hunter
Belldonna, Anne Bishop
Forbidden, Helen Kirkman
The Spymaster’s Lady, Joanna Bourne (hint, hint – I have more than one of her books)

I read Emma Wildes and Emma Holly, and last, but not certainly not least, Speaks the Nightbird, Robert McCammon

Any parting knowledge you wish to give to our readers or future writers?

The same thing every author says to aspiring writers: Pursue your dream and never give up. There’s only one way to learn how to write or learn what works for you and that’s this: “Put your butt in the chair and write, and then write some more.”

For readers I could write an essay. I’m fully aware of the strong connection between writers and readers, and that bond is this: A mutual love of the written word. I also realize that without loyal readers it wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Yes, I would still write, but there’s nothing like receiving an e-mail from a stranger saying, “I just read Hot and Sticky and LOVED it!” It still amazes me that someone would take the time from their busy life to contact me. I’m honored and humbled at the same time.

Again, thank you so much, Annette, for having me. You know my heart is in the right place when I wish you much success with your new blog. I know you’re a great supporter of authors and readers and also have an abiding love for books in your soul. You can’t go wrong with that combination.

My heartfelt good wishes, Keta

You can find Keta on the Internet here:

Keta’s Haunt (author home),

Keta’s Keep Erotic Romance Blog,

The Stuff of Myth and Men, Gay Fiction Blog,

Twitter: @ketadiablo

Thank you so much Keta for spending some time with us and for the kind words. Now for the contest, just leave a comment or question and on June 14th release day for Magnolia Heat we will randomly select three winners. Each winner will receive a Keta Diablo book of their choice.

P.S. Sorry about this getting done later than expected, got stuck in traffic behind a tractor who decided he needed the whole road.  I apologize to all of you.


  1. good interview :D Keta, do you read a lot of non-fiction, as well as all the fiction you have on the go at any one time?

  2. Great interview! I am a huge m/m fan and vamp girl. Can't wait to check out some new books! lol, Don't you just hate getting behind tractors! Drives me CRAZY when they take up the whole road. :)

    Thanks so much for posting the interview, I love finding new authors to read that I've not tried yet :)) My TBR pile just grew!

  3. Loved the interview. Looking forward to reading your books.

  4. Alex, Raquel, Amora & Carolyn thank you so much for stopping by. And yes Amora that is the one downside to living in the country ok maybe some of the smells coming from the farms too. But, I cannot handle city living I need my space.

  5. Great interview, Keta. All of your new releases sound awesome. That's a great cover for Magnolia Heat. It's like he's looking right at me!

  6. Alex, Raquel, Amora, Carolyn, Erika, thanks so much for stopping by our new site. And a special thanks to Keta, for offering to be our first author interview. This is the start of good things to come.

  7. Wonderful Interview thank you Keta!!!!

  8. Hi, Keta! I've read a lot of erotica, but I'll admit that I'm still a M/M virgin. Would you say the target audience for M/M stories written by a woman would be other women, gay men or both equally? (I hope that question made sense!)

    Your upcoming novellas sound really good! I love the cover for Magnolia Heat (very hot)!!

  9. I haven't gotten the chance to read any of your books yet,Keta. But i really really want to. I even asked my parents to get me your books for my birthday =D great interview as well!

  10. Great interview. I'm a huge vampire fan too, and am looking forward to seeing more vampire romance :)

    Thank you,

  11. Thanks everyone for stopping by! I'm thrilled, and I hope if you stop back, you'll follow this wonderful blog. Just click on "follow". I expect great things from Annette and Carla.

    Alex, yes, I do read non-fiction. I'm delving into Bastards, Bullies and Bitches right now -- so I can learn how to make mine more evil!

    Hi Diana, Believe it or not, women mostly buy gay fiction. That's what I've been told. I understand it totally. We are such curious creatures.

    Seventeen, please make sure your parents know my books are very graphic and intense. I wouldn't want to lead anyone down a path they are not ready to travel.

    Erika, as always thank you for your support. You're a peach!

    Carolyn, Amora and Raquel, thanks so much for taking time from your busy day say "hi". Hope you enjoy my books.

    And Annette and Carla, you rock!

    Best, Keta

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  14. mean mom productions said...
    Hi heard about your contest for free books. Sounds fun. I love books.

  15. I found the comment box...YEA for me!!! Great interview and there are so many wonderful things to read on your new blog I got sidetracked. Snicker. I love the idea of a round table discussion about one book, when do you suppose you'll start that? Are there really that many authors who are writing this blog, yeowza...very cool.

  16. Broanwin said...
    Love the site, love the books, Love the auther. Thank you Brandy

  17. TiphanieSmith, Diana, Seventeen, mean mom (love that one)and Brandy thank you so much for stopping by and we hope you come back for more. We plan on having more author interviews coming in the next couple months.
    Chérie as for the round table I selected the book DANE by Elizabeth Amber Carla hopes to have it read this weekend so we can begin the discussion next week. I cheated, I already read it lol...
    There are just two of us on the blog myself and Carla, the list of authors are all those that one or both of us read.

  18. Annette and I have the book for this month's round table discussion, so it's now a matter of getting it read and posted. Hopefully within the week. Keep checking back for the post, and I encourage everyone to comment on it.


  19. Keta I can't thank you enough for making our first interview exciting and fun and for all your support. You are amazing.

  20. Annabug said...
    WOO HOO! Can't wait! Great new site and congrats on getting it going!

  21. Lisa said...
    Hi Keta,
    Let's try this again:) My fingers are moving too fast!

    Love that title, Magnolia Heat. Reminds me of when we lived in Brunswick, Georgia (mid-90's). All the Spanish moss and sweet tea:) I rode my bike everywhere! It was gorgeous

  22. Gracen Miller said...
    Congrats on the the new site, Tina!

    Keta, you know I'm a fan of your work! Best of success with your new release, current releases and all the future upcoming releases!

    I'll check back in a bit to see if the interview is up.

    Gracen Miller

  23. Mark Damaroyd said...
    Keta, it's amazing how much you can learn about a person from interviews like that. I feel I'm getting to know you a little more. All the very best with these new works.


  24. That was a great interview Keta...I'm a huge fan of m/m romances so your books are a perfect fit for me.


  25. Awesome interview... the only problem was that it really got me in the mood to read these books! I need to make my way to the book store. :D Gotta love those Male x Male love stories... <3

    Keep up the great work, Keta! From some of the snippets I've caught of your stories, I can tell all of these new ones to come will be great!

    Best wishes,
    Briana W.

  26. Keta, this was a wonderful interview, but then yours always are. I always learn something new with each interview I read.

    I am looking forward to our interview next Friday.

    I love this new blog by the way! I plan on coming back often.

  27. Hi again all new peeps who stopped by! And look at the new followers Carla and Annette. Is that kewl or what?

    Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to come by. I'm so happy to see you all here showing your support.

    Have a great weekend, Keta

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    "Just read the interview.I can't wait to read the upcoming releases."

    (posted by Keta for Beverly). Please include Beverly Carr in the book drawing RomFan. Gracias.

  29. Keta Diablo is the hardest working author in fiction and I can't wait to see what's next from this dedicated fiction crafter!

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  31. Enjoyed the interview, Keta!
    Can't wait to read the new releases.

  32. Eloquent as always, Keta. Great interview and congrats on your new releases.


  33. Morning fans of RomFan!

    Hope you're enjoying the new blog as much as I do. We've been having cold, rainy weather here in the Midwest and I can't help but wonder where my summer is. ??

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

    And don't forget to click the "follow" button on this site to learn more about the great books coming your way.

    Stop by my gay fiction blog too so you know what new releases I have coming out in the next few months,

    My best, Keta

  34. Keta I had a nice time reading your interview! I learn new things even though we chat with each other all time.

    Congrats on the new and upcoming releases!

    Phoebe Jordan, blog author of Talk About My Favorite Authors and owner/designer of Phoebe Jordan's Designs

  35. i tried to leave a comment.....but i cannot...this isn't the first time....

    Chiara Dalfini
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very happy to met you Keta. i think you're an especially talented writer and really hope you to have all the success, because you deserve it!!

    and really love all your book covers!!!! think ther're really really attractive!!!!
    Good luck Keta!!!!


  36. Hi Keta & RomFan!

    Awesome interview and I'm loving the new site. Congrats all around ladies.

    Keta, what is the one thing you find hardest to write? Do you ever just get an idea, think it is beyound brilliant only to find out that it just isn't working? When that happens what do you do.

    All the best,
    Romantic Crush Junkies
    Over the Edge Book Reviews

  37. You're an amazing, prolific writer, Keta:) Keep telling those stories!

  38. Hello Christine -- who has a wonderful blog called Romantic Crush Junkies. Christine has always been a great support to me, and I thank you!

    I don't know why male/male comes easier for me. I'm trying to figure that out. I love erotic romance, particularly historical and paranormal, but historical is a hard sell at times. The audiences isn't there right now, so let's hope they return.

    Yes, I do second-guess what I write at times and like I said in my interview it's almost impossible to guess what readers will love. We do our best and probably don't always hit the mark. Everyone has different tastes, including me. I'm draw to certain books as is everyone.

    I write what I have in my head, and write the characters the way I see them, harsh, or whatever, and this hasn't always been the most popular thing. LOL. But, while I want more than anything to please readers I must also write what's in my heart, not the formulaic types.

    Christine, much continued success to you. I simply love Romantic Crush Junkies and Over The Edge Reviews and always will.

    You're the best, Keta

  39. I love your advice for writers, Mrs. Diablo. If only I could heed it. :D

    I must admit to being a fan of yaoi manga (M/M Japanese comics), but you're the first I've heard of with an actually American novel revolving around that (though I suppose I don't really go searching). I look forward to reading one of your books, and I will definitely keep an eye out for them.
    -Amante dei Libri

  40. For some reason my previous comment didn't post! But here I am, again, saying GREAT JOB to keta and RomFan Reviews. I hope to see a lot of both of you in the future!

    Executive Editor
    Decadent Publishing